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  1. F

    hey, i'm trying to make an anti cheat, for my server and maybe to help other servers with an anticheat with my skript, 20 errors :( reach check

    command /funwatcher <text> permission: funwatcher.all permission message: &4Only Players with permission funwatcher.all have access to this command! trigger: if arg 1 is "help": send "&4[FUNWATCHER] &c/funwatcher alerts - enabled alerts (this is a placeholder command)" send...
  2. Shrimps

    Script Shrimps Admin Commands 1.0

    Simple Admin tools such as: Warning system simple x-ray anti-cheat player report system simple configuration ban system kicking system muting chat muting players warning players mutes/bans them staff chat. and more to come. This is my first skript and I'm still working on it.
  3. B

    Solved KillAura Bot skript

    Hello! I found a skript where you can summon a NPC around you. The problem is, I want it for the admins to be able to summon a killaura bot around players. function circleBot(p: player): set {_n} to npc named "%random integer between 100000 and 999999%" "PLAYER" set fly of npc {_n} to...
  4. I

    Get speed of player

    Ok so i am making a script where I want to get the speed of the player so i can know if he/she is using speed hacks I just wanted to ask you guys: are there any way that you can get the speed of a player?
  5. I

    Auto Updater

    Hello. Im creating a skript and i cant seem to figure this out. what i need is that: 1. On load it should check the version (i have already made) 2. if {@aupdate} is true then it should download a skript from (same name of skript) 3. replace itself with the downloaded skript...
  6. Zoot

    Anticheat Utility Snippets

    Tiered Potion Square function in expression Better distance expressions Non full blocks (Blocks that would change your altitude) Horizontal direction from location to location Advanced ground check (70% of movement cheats can be detected with this)
  7. Peivi

    Packet anticheat

    Hi my name is Peivi Im requesting a packet anticheat. Or a solution for making those, i know how to use packets in skript (mundosk and skellett) but i can´t figure out how to make them into an anticheat. Requesting: Packet anticheat or packet anticheat template, something that i can figure out...
  8. Zoot

    [ZAC] Anticheat Development

    Looking for someone to help me code and give input on checks. Mainly giving input on decisions but coding if you can. Previous spigot resource: Preference: 17 years old +, experienced...
  9. V

    Anticheat help

    Hello. I have an idea for an anticheat script. It should work so that you spawn an NPC over your head. So if you hit it, it adds 1 to the variable {hits.%player%} Someone whos can make that? Sorry for bad translating. I am not so good to english so i used google translate
  10. SkriptUnion

    Script ► ExoSec ◄► Premium AntiCheat ◄ 1.4

    Makes hackers think twice before hacking on your server! - Advanced AntiHack detection - Easy to use configuration - Easily enable/disable specific hack detection - Ban Wave for Hackers /checks: Allows you to manage hack checks which are currently in use /stats: Allows you to see the...
  11. Azternaut

    Banwave Skript!

    Category: Server utilities/tools (Maybe ?) Suggested name: BanWaveSk What I want: Banwave skript with execute console command, not be an individual skript ban Ideas for commands: /bw, /banwave, /banwaves /bw add <offline player> - Add player to next banwave /bw del <offline player> - Remove...
  12. R

    Script Razor Anti Cheat | Beta 2.0-FAILED

    About Razor Anticheat is newly created project. Main goal is to protect your server against hackers. Code is not clean at the moment. After first release, i will work around cleaning the code. Successful Detections: Reach Fly Fast Break (Nuker) Jesus Vulgar No Slowdown Auto Loot Auto Tool...