Packet anticheat

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Jan 28, 2018
Hi my name is Peivi

Im requesting a packet anticheat. Or a solution for making those, i know how to use packets in skript (mundosk and skellett) but i can´t figure out how to make them into an anticheat.

Requesting: Packet anticheat or packet anticheat template, something that i can figure out how to make them propely

Commands: I know how packets work, but if it would work like when someone reports player X the player X gets checked. Like in the report command there is 5 hacks: speed, fly, killaura, reach ect. it does check the player for reported hack.

Permissions: You have free hands!

If you want to, you can make that if the anticheat sees a absolutely 100% checked hacker it adds it to the banlist. Also i don´t need killaura detection, but if you could create npc killaura detection it would be amazing. Its up to you!


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Yes, i have checked that. I just want to see how to make one of these. I may not even now need a packetanticheat for server. I just want to know the basics of making packetanticheat.