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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.8
  2. 1.9
  3. 1.10
  4. 1.11

Makes hackers think twice before hacking on your server!

- Advanced AntiHack detection
- Easy to use configuration
- Easily enable/disable specific hack detection
- Ban Wave for Hackers


    • /checks: Allows you to manage hack checks which are currently in use
    • /stats: Allows you to see the violations of a player, their UUID and user info
    • /exo: Main Command
    • /exo list hackers: See all hackers which have played your server
    • /exo list checks: See all running checks
    • /exo list players: See all online players
    • /exoban <player> <reason>: Use this to ban a player
    • /exokick <player> <reason>: Use this to kick a player
    • /exo check <player>: See the information of a player
    • /exo tps: See your server's Ticks Per Secon
    • /exo notify: Toggle notifications
    • /exo reset <player>: Reset a player

  • KillAura
  • Nuker
  • AutoSneak
  • Flight
  • FastBow
  • Jesus
  • FastPlace
  • FastEat
  • Speed
  • AntiKnockback
  • AutoSteal
  • MultiAura
  • MobAura
  • A lot more soon!




- Skript 2.1.2
- Latest Umbaska
- Latest WildSkript
- Latest SkQuery


    • exosec.checks (/checks)
    • exosec.admin (/exo)
    • exosec.stats (/stats)
    • exosec.config (/config)

    • Add detection for a LOT more hacks
    • Better stop hackers, not just detect
    • Optional "Ban Wave" function to automatically ban hackers
    • SQL support for BungeeCord
    • General Fixes & Improvement
    • Auto Update

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[X] 50 downloads
[X] 100 downloads
[X] 500 downloads
[X] 1000 downloads


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© SkriptUnion retains full rights over this resource and possesses the right to manage it.
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3.00 star(s) 2 ratings

Latest updates

  1. The Re-work Update

    THE RE-WORK UPDATE Added Features Regen Check Re-made Flight Check Re-made Kill Aura Check...

Latest reviews

No offence, but this is badly developed. I get over 20 errors (with all the dependencies) , and it doesn't exempt player's in different modes. Players can get be banned for changing their walk speed. Players can also be banned if they are being hit whilst in a cobweb. I noticed that the commands can overlap since there is no root command. Every 'if' and 'else' function is missing the 'stop' declaration. With the ping check, instead of checking if the ping is in between two numbers, it should be the minimum number and above. The kill aura is the worst. Mobs should not be spawned above players, but behind them, for 5 ticks. The kill aura only detects if the player is holding certain items, instead of exempting reach for thrown projectiles. With the autoclicker check, the CPS limit is 15 CPS. People can jitter-click way faster than 15 CPS, and butterfly-click even faster. I can get 17 with jitter, and about the same with butterfly. I clearly understand your methods, and see the errors in them, and appreciate your effort.
I fully check your exosec but can you add this in AutoSneak
IDK if it will work but it will be nice if I could help develop

on sprint toggle:
if {check.autosneak} is true:
if player is sneaking:
add 1 to {sneaking.%player%}
loop all players:
if {alerts.%loop-player%} is true:
send "%{r.Prefix}% &8&o// &7[&aAutoSneak&7] &8&o// &a%player% &8&o// &aPing: %{ping.%player%}%" to loop-player