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Added Features
  • Regen Check
  • Re-made Flight Check
  • Re-made Kill Aura Check
  • Re-made Auto Steal Check
  • Re-made Anti Knockback Check
  • Re-made FastEat Check
  • Re-Made Check Messages
  • Banwave Command
  • Automated Banwave Function
  • New Notifications Command
  • TPS Command
  • AntiLag System
  • Lag Purger
  • New Check Command
  • Check Menu
  • Remade Punishment Commands
  • Connection Tracking
Removed Features

  • Bugs
Fixed Features

  • False Positives :emoji_astonished:
  • Things that stopped Checks from working properly!
Some checks may not be in the Check GUI just yet!
They will be added in approximately 20 minutes!