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  1. O

    [MC 1.8] Custom Anti Cheat

    Hey, I know this request might seem kinda big, but here's the information: Category: AntiCheat Suggested name: GNAC What I want: Basically, I'd like an effective but not too advanced anti cheat. Now, I wouldn't like this to include auto-banning, just notifications, and blocks. I don't want...
  2. Azternaut

    Banwave Skript!

    Category: Server utilities/tools (Maybe ?) Suggested name: BanWaveSk What I want: Banwave skript with execute console command, not be an individual skript ban Ideas for commands: /bw, /banwave, /banwaves /bw add <offline player> - Add player to next banwave /bw del <offline player> - Remove...
  3. R

    Script Razor Anti Cheat | Beta 2.0-FAILED

    About Razor Anticheat is newly created project. Main goal is to protect your server against hackers. Code is not clean at the moment. After first release, i will work around cleaning the code. Successful Detections: Reach Fly Fast Break (Nuker) Jesus Vulgar No Slowdown Auto Loot Auto Tool...
  4. LimeGlass

    Script Vandal 1.0.1

    By: LimeGlass What is Vandal? Vandal is an Anti-Cheat script that I will be constantly working on and improving. Vandal is designed to give insane configuration, including the time hacks are triggered, the time it checks, the amount of hits, actions to perform and so much more! Hacks...