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Script Mod Mode➜ A /modmode Command | a simple way to moderate 2.5

A simple way to moderate

  1. New Features and Addons

    Needed Addons: SkQuery, Skellet and TuSKe (to add new features)

    # Now you can spy chests, barrels and shulker boxes without any sounds or animations.
    # Ender Chest command
    # Workbench command
    # Now Ores Alert show height (Y coordinate)
    # Clear Chat command (players with permission "modmode.use" can see who cleared the chat)
    # Mute Chat command (players with permission "modmode.use" can see who muted/unmuted the chat)
    # Mining Players Item (gui that shows players mining under height 40)
  2. New Features / Bug Fixes and 1.8-1.14

    New Features:
    * Staff Chat (can be disabled with commands or /modmode items)
    * Ores Alert (iron, diamond and gold and how much - Json TP clickable message, can be disabled with commands or /modmode items)
    * MM list (list of players using /modmode)
    * Apply night vision while /modmode is ON
    * 5 seconds of immunity after toggling off /modmode
    * 3 seconds cooldown between any /modmode command

    * Just store 1 variable and it's a list, any created variable will be deleted, no loop all...