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  1. D

    Make minecarts movable without rails

    Hello, I have a question, namely how can you make a car with script, so that when you get into a certain lore that it can then drive without rails underneath?
  2. W

    Shiny not working : "format slot 1 of player with shiny paper"

    This is my skript: # SKRIPT LAVET AF WALLHACK27 # DISCORD: WALLHACK27::1111 command /kits: trigger: wait 3 ticks open chest with 3 rows named "&6&lKITS" to player format slot 13 of player with glowing glass named "&eTag dit kit." with lore "&7- Klik her for at tage...
  3. F

    Solved Why doesn't work why function?

    This is my function: function Scoreboard(): wipe player's sidebar set name of sidebar of player to " &e•&6● &3&lGungame " set score " " in sidebar of player to 11 set score "&3•&b● &f&lKills:" in sidebar of player to 10 set score "&e➜ &a&l%{stats::%player's...
  4. P

    Gui Skript 1.8.9

    Can somebody send me the right plugins and the right version for a gui in 1.8.9 because i cant use to run [make player execute command "testshop testlol"] but I can do this to run "testshop testlol" But the problem is that i need the player to run the command
  5. P

    My gui won't work

    So im making this gui for my prison server (The server is on 1.8.9). and my skript wont work. This is my code that works: Command /vs: trigger: open chest with 5 rows named "&2&lVagt Shop" to player wait 1 tick set slot 4 of player's current inventory to gold helmet...
  6. E


    Hello. This is my first post, and will probably be the last. I only need help with this script. I'm having some difficulties making my Ban script work. It would be amazing if someone could help me. I have been literally trying to fix the problem for 8 hours now. You can even see in the script...
  7. Adrihun

    Solved Where to download SkAction

    I need SkAction so i can change the prefix of a player. When i went on the download page, it redirected me to here: https://forums.skunity.com/uploads/default/original/1X/cd3bff0e18fefd8e823caa38439743720d722c7a.jar and.... "The requested page could not be found." So please, if you have the...
  8. Adrihun

    Solved Stylish scoreboards 50mb

    So I'm trying to make A scoreboard animation with skelett scoreboard. on join: player has permission "scoreboarddzz.use" wait 1 second while player is online: set title of stylish scoreboard "test-%player%" to "&dLol" if player is not online: stop...
  9. Adrihun

    Solved How do you make new lines in "kick player due to" effect?

    Title says it all
  10. Adrihun

    Solved skQuery spam error

    When I kick a player with kick player due to "test" skQquery gives me a big error message in console (once). Also, when players get kicked for using world downloader, the same thing happens (i'm using AntiWDL plugin from spigot) Here is the error Message: [17:07:25 ERROR]: Could not pass...
  11. Adrihun

    Solved MundoSK errors when stopping server

    When i type in "stop" in console, every plugin shuts down. Whenever MundoSK is turning off, it gives me an error message. It is saying "file not found" in my language. Please help me fix this error. [16:39:49 INFO]: [MundoSK] Exception at Mundo [16:39:49 WARN]: java.io.IOException: A rendszer...