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  1. Jake

    Script Chunk Load Checker 1.0

    Chunk Load Checker or (CLC) is a script that makes sure the Staff is notified when a Chunk Load Overload happens by alerting them with a report, reports are also viewable through the main command, data can be cleared though the same command, everything is configurable in the config...
  2. IViddyy

    Solved Admin/Player Mode

    Hi im trying to make a admin/player mode using /admin and /player or all of it in one command.I wanted to toggle the world guard bypass (/rg toggle-bypass) with text etc.Thanks!
  3. Ali Tuna BAYLAN

    Block/Unblock Command on Server Skript

    Usage: /blockcmd [command], /unblockcmd [command] Example: /blockcmd help on command: if {blockcmd::*} contains command: cancel event send "This command is blocked." command /blockcmd <text>: permission: op trigger: if arg-1 is set: if...
  4. A

    error admin login

    Please Help :emoji_frowning: command /alogin [<text>]: aliases: /al permission: admin.login trigger: if {al.%palyer%} is not set: if arg 1 is "2020": set {al.%player%} to true send "&3[&5GI &4Login&3] &4>> &aLogin Succsess :D"...
  5. Slaim36

    Script SuperChats 1.1.0

    What's SuperChats SuperChats is a script that allows you to manage three chat groups (Admins, Staffs & VIPs). Commands and permissions: Command: /adminchat Description: Chat between Administrators Permission: superchats.staffchat Command: /staffchat Description: Chat between Staffs...
  6. S

    Skript Xray for Admins

    Hi, I wanted to make a /admincheats command so that they enable fullbright, enable xray for detecting hackers etc. I tried doing xray with the xray plugin but for some reason it didn't work for me and even if it did work, i wanted to do it in Skript. How to make xray that only the player sees...
  7. DannyDxmpster


    Help! I restarted my server with several working skript commands and after the restart, none of them worked! I reinstalled the code, the plugin, even the scripts, and nothing worked! I am running the latest version of skript and everything! I also have no skript errors, everything seems to be...
  8. ItsMCB

    Script Admin TP 1.0

    ADMIN TP /tphere <player> Makes that player TP to you. /tpto <player> Makes you TP to that player. You can change the "ADMINTP" to your server name by changing this section. options: ADMINTP-ServerName:&7ADMINTP I hope you find this useful if you don't use plugins like essentials where...
  9. WatchBOT

    Script [Skript] Server Manager [FAST] [GUI] [FILE-MANAGER] 0.2.1

    A quick and easy to use server manager with tons of features and even more features planned for the future! Be sure to read the features! You need SkUtilities, SkQuery and Skellet for this skript to work! - Fast responsive GUI - Time Stamp - Server Region - Responsive Reload Button -...
  10. GrimEpp

    Script Troll.SK 0.3.5

    Troll.SK I am not supporting this skript anymore. is a fun skript that allows you to troll players. This includes many trolls, if you have any ideas send me a message on discord GrimEpp#1115 Depends on: Skript SkQuery (Link) (Included in the...
  11. I

    Anti VPN

    Category: Server Administration Suggested name: AntiVPN What I want: A skript that automaticly kicks users with a VPN and log their IP adress Ideas for commands: /vpnlist > Displays all the kicked IP's Ideas for permissions: antivpn.admin
  12. HiiqhFive

    Script STAFF LIST [MYSQL, Skript 2.2] 2.1.000

    STAFF LIST WITH UI! for Skript 2.2 By using this script you can list all your staff members in a clear user interface. Using a MySQL-Database offers you to display every staff member on a website (not included yet) DEPENDENCIES • Skript (at least version 2.2) • Umbaska • Skellett • A MySQL...