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Script STAFF LIST [MYSQL, Skript 2.2] 2.1.000

A MySQL supported staff list with User Interface!

  1. HiiqhFive
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11
    for Skript 2.2

    By using this script you can list all your staff members in a clear user interface.
    Using a MySQL-Database offers you to display every staff member on a website (not included yet)


    • Skript (at least version 2.2)
    • Umbaska
    • Skellett
    • A MySQL Database


    1. Install Skript v2.2 on your Spigot/Bukkit server.
    2. Go to "plugins\Skript\scripts"
    3. upload the required file.
    4. open the mentioned file and set up the database connection (example inside the config)
    5. Restart your server or type "/sk reload <script name>"
    (in this case: /sk reload SQL-TEAM_2.1.000)




    • /team help » Displays help page
    • /team add <player> <rank> » adds/edits a staff member
    • /team remove <player> » removes a staff member
    • /team check <player> » Checks a player if he's a staff member or not.
    • /team delete_database » Wipes table and creates a new one.

    hiiqhfive.team » Identifies a player as a staff, if he's a staff member or not.

    Code (Skript):
    2. Table: team
    3. prefix: &8[&cTeam&8]
    4. command: /team
    5. team_permission: hiiqhfive.team
    6. permission: *
    8. version: 2.0.230
    10. prefix_owner: &3&l&oOwner
    11. prefix_admin: &4&l&oAdministrator
    12. prefix_mod: &3&l&oModerator
    13. prefix_supp: &b&l&oSupporter    
    15. placeholder_owner: red stained glass pane
    16. placeholder_admin: orange stained glass pane
    17. placeholder_mod: light green stained glass pane
    18. placeholder_supp: blue stained glass pane
    20. inventory_name: &cStaff

    Code (Skript):
    1. # /*
    2. # * Before using this script, you have to set up your database connection.
    3. # * Here is a little example how to configure it:
    4. # *    $ db url jdbc:mysql://
    5. # *    $ db username hiiqhfive  
    6. # *    $ db password ouas0998b  
    7. # */


    If you have any suggestions, post it in comments!
    Have fun! :emoji_slight_smile:

Recent Updates

  1. Changed SQL-Syntax!
  2. Update 2.0.310
  3. Update 2.0.230a

Recent Reviews

  1. Adrihun
    Version: 2.0.230a
    Good but needs some improvement like adding the "server" option in config, so it will say "ONLINE: Server-1" (example). Also i get this weird error in CMD and i told you and you don't respond lmao. Help dude. Other than that great work!
    1. HiiqhFive
      Author's Response
      Added feature. Please update your comment! :)
  2. CorruptedVeit
    Version: 2.0.230
    Awsome :3 5 Stars for you work :D #SkypeContact :D
    1. HiiqhFive
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review! :)