Solved Need help with Scoreboards

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it says <none> on the scoreboard.
also in database its in UUID not name so is that the problem?
[doublepost=1494281818,1494276908][/doublepost]@YoshYz Nvm! I fixed it somehow. Thanks for helping me.
[doublepost=1494606252][/doublepost]@YoshYz Update: It's not working?

function updateBoard(p: player):
    set {_result::*} to objects in column "amount" from result of query "SELECT amount FROM rubies WHERE uuid = '%uuid of {_target}%'" and close
    set {_amount} to "%{_result::*}%" parsed as number
    "%{_result::*}%" is "<none>":
        update "INSERT INTO rubies (`uuid`, `amount`) VALUES ('%uuid of {_target}%', '0')"
        set {_amount} to 0
    setSlot({_p}, "Premium", 16, "&f%{_amount}%")

It says 0 even though i have set my players money to 500
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