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  1. G

    Hiding entities

    Hi, I don't know why but I can't hide an entity with this (simplified) skript: on damage: hide victim to attacker I have skript 2.6.2 installed in a 1.19.4 server with Java 20 and Skellett. Can someone help me please?
  2. N

    Variable do not "communicate"

    My script do not communicate as it should. It is suppose to add x to {_antal} when the green wool is clicked but the diamond in the middle don't change command /coinflip: trigger: set {_antal} to 1 open chest with 1 row named "&4&lCoinFlip" to player wait 1 tick set slot 0 of...
  3. J

    Custom Chat (Clickable Chat Tabs)

    How can I create a custom chat box like Runescapes in minecraft? Clickable tabs that always shows up (JSON Probably). I am using Minecraft 1.14.4, Latest Version of Skript, with addons: "Json, SkQuery, Skellet, Skript-Mirror, Kosmos, Skent, Skope, skRayFall, SkVault, TuSKe-PichachuPatch-v3...
  4. C

    Skungee and Skelett ping packet no response

    Hi guys, I just set up a bungeenetwork. Everything was working fine until I needed SkUngee and Skelett in order to create global skripts for the server. I changed all skungee ports to the same port (8035). and changed the host option in the spigot servers to the bungee ip adres. But, i'm getting...
  5. S

    Can someone help me??

    Hello how can I do that when I hold an iron hoe that then constantly shoots snowballs
  6. V

    Mute mob sound???

    Hello, i'm maybe on wrong section, but i finding a way to mute mobs sounds to be quite, i found a way using skellett but thats only for 1.10+ i need for 1.8.8, so can somebody help me with that. - Thanks in advance
  7. Adrihun

    Solved Stylish scoreboards 50mb

    So I'm trying to make A scoreboard animation with skelett scoreboard. on join: player has permission "scoreboarddzz.use" wait 1 second while player is online: set title of stylish scoreboard "test-%player%" to "&dLol" if player is not online: stop...
  8. Adrihun

    Solved Need help with Scoreboards

    I can't make Scoreboards work. This is my code: on join: createBoard(player, "KITBOARD", 15) set title of stylish scoreboard "KITBOARD-%player%" to " &a&lKITPVP " set stylish scoreboard of player to "KITBOARD-%player%" updateBoard(player) function updateBoard(p: player)...
  9. Adrihun

    Solved Skelett not centering message problem!

    Okay, So i have an announcement script, and i used the Skelett center feature to make it centered. message centered "&c%arg-2%" to all players And i have another script which does the same thing but globally announces the message. skellettcord message coloured "&c%arg-2%" to all bungeecord...