LethalGames 1.8.x a 1.11.x - [Survival, UHC Simulator & Murder(Garrys Mod o TTT)]

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New Member
Feb 4, 2017
★ LethalGames Network ★


★ ¿About us? ★
We are LethalGames a server dedicated to PvP and adventure, approximately 2 months ago online.

★ ¿How can I enter? ★
Easy, you can enter from versions 1.8 to the most current versions (1.11) using our ip: mc.lethalg.us

★ ¿The server is non-premium? ★
The server is totally semi-premium, we mean that any user whether premium or non-premium can enter our server, without any difference since the same non-premium user can get skins using the / skin <skin name premium>

★ ¿What are the rules of the server? ★
The rules are simple.
- Respect every user, whether a member of staff and a normal user.
- Do not take advantage of bugs that will improve your game or damage the server.
- Do not use any type of hack client.
- ¡Mostly fun!

Then there are specific rules for each mode, which you can discover in-game!

★ ¿Where I can get a rank or be a member of staff? ★
You can obtain a rank in our store (lethalgames.is-best.net/store), or you can apply for the staff by following the instructions below:
1- Register on the web lethalgames.is-best.net.
2- Log in with your information before registering.
3- Once logged in a new tab called "Solicitud Staff" will be pressed.
4- Stuffing everything well and detailed.
5- And press send.
And you would be participating to be one of our new staff!

★ Additional Information ★
Discord: https://discord.gg/FDjzKhm
Web/foro: lethalgames.is-best.net
Shop: lethalgames.is-best.net/tienda
Owners: Waxtz & ByFrostyDC
IP: mc.lethalg.us
Twitter: @LethalGServer
Skype: live:waxtz & chrysler_1606
User Commands:
- /skin <name>
- /report <player> <reason>
- /hub

★ Images of some things (Coming soon more) ★​