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  1. mrclipse

    Solved Im so confused, It was working

    I had a simple factions plugin working but I wanted to add the ability to /fconfirm delete and /fdelete but it just stopped is there anyone who can help me? Also I have no idea what "lists" are I just thought that something like {factions::%uuid of player%::factionname} would be one single...
  2. K

    Players balance is more than 0

    Hello, I need advice. I'm trying to make a player whose economy I have defined. However, there is a smaller catch and the fact that I want to ensure that my custom economy can not add balance to the minus. So I want to find out if the player who uses the order has more than 0 on the account. I...
  3. Builder4Life

    detect players faction

    i want when a player has joined a faction it detect in wich faction they are and if there in a specific faction they get an commnd executed every time they join onjoin: if player's faction is named "estland" execute console command "/pex user %player% prefix...
  4. ZeProf2Fail

    Problem with Skript and Savage Factions

    Hello, I've a problem with SavageFactions and Skript, the Skript hooking expected an error ! Here is the error code [11:09:35 INFO]: [Factions] [Factions v1.6.9.5-U0.2.1-RC-1.6.2-RC-2.5-RC-9] ==== Setup ==== [11:09:35 WARN]: [Factions] Default system encoding may have misread config.yml from...
  5. Zabrid

    Temp [SOLVED] FacSK Developer | Upcoming Factions Server

  6. N

    Offering Any Scripts to be made for $

    Details Hi, my name is Adrian and I am willing to make any script you would like, for money. By paying, you allow me to receive some cash for my hard work. I am dedicated to work on any script that will take anywhere from 1 hour to even 10 hours (depending on the price). Contact My discord is...
  7. U

    [Hypixel] Bow Messages

    This is a simple Skript that can be used in a variety of game modes to show a player's health when they are shot. An example of how you could use this Skript includes: ■ In game modes such as Skywars or Survival games. ■ Factions ■ And many other mini-games or game modes! This Skript...
  8. C

    Hiring Skript Plugin Developers needed

    Server/Person name: ChaoticMC/CodaPlays Brief about you: At least 1 year of Skript Developing knowledge. Perm or temp?: Temp Basic idea of request: Needs to be able to make basic Skripts. Budget/Offering: Offering flexible hours of working Wanted by/timeframe: At least wanted within a month...
  9. V

    Solved Faction name using custom chat??

    Hello i search a lot and i found a Conquer factions addon for skript but conquer is using custom docs system and every link to his docs doesn't exist anymore and i can't find are that support faction name in chat for factionsUUID. ex: +TestFac (Owner) VojaFTW_>> test - Thanks in advance (if...
  10. xXAndrew28Xx

    Addon Conquer 1.3.1

    Conquer Conquer is a Skript addon that adds support for multiple Factions plugins with the same syntax. Scripts written for this addon, work with any Factions plugin supported by this addon. It currently only supports two Factions plugins but it will soon support more. Conquer is also an...
  11. WaxtzCraft

    LethalGames 1.8.x a 1.11.x - [Survival, UHC Simulator & Murder(Garrys Mod o TTT)]

    ★ LethalGames Network ★ ★ ¿About us? ★ We are LethalGames a server dedicated to PvP and adventure, approximately 2 months ago online. ★ ¿How can I enter? ★ Easy, you can enter from versions 1.8 to the most current versions (1.11) using our ip: mc.lethalg.us ★ ¿The server is non-premium...
  12. LimeGlass

    Addon Facsk 1.0.1

    FacSk aims to add full control of Factions within Skript. I have been asked many many times to add Factions support to Skellett (My other Skript addon) I get atleast one or more message a week asking to add support for it. So I decided to make a new Addon. Here you go enjoy! Main: 100%...
  13. Flipkidd

    Solved Skript not working with Factions

    **Skript Version:** 2.2-dev20 **Skript Author:** Njol, Mirreski, bensku, nfell2009, joeuguce99, RealGatt, RoyCurtis and tim740 **Minecraft Version:** 1.10.2 --- **Full Code:** NOT NECESSARY BECAUSE EVERY SCRIPT IS BREAKING **Errors on Reload:** None **Console Errors:** _(if applicable)_...