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  1. Palgia

    Script [SKRIPT] ⭐ENCHANTED MOBS ⭐ - Make vanilla mobs stronger ! (API ✅ Easy to use ✅) 1.0

    Enhance your survival adventure with mobs abilities ! Important information: Loading this skript causes some errors to show up on chat. Just ignore them, these are visual only. How to install ⋙ Install Skript, Skript-reflect and Skbee for 1.20.2+ ⋙ Drag and drop the EnchantedMobs folder into...
  2. I

    Ikey Survival

    Join the 1.16 survival economy server! Ikey Survival is a survival server based around the community. The plan of the server is to make a enjoyable survival economy server with features suggested and voted upon by the community. We want to make sure that our server is enjoyable by having polls...
  3. H

    Phantom problem

    hey, i want when players right click the bed it registers as full sleep but without changing the time so players can struggle with night monsters and prevent phantoms with this
  4. FistoF

    Minecraft+ [ 1.16 ]

    Minecraft+ is a new Minecraft 1.16 survival server that has lots of new mechanics to enhance the gameplay. Discord: Golden helmet shines bright in the dark (night vision) Golden chestplace attracts items from further away (item magnetization) Golden leggings allows...
  5. T

    XP for farming in survival

    Mining drops XP, killing mobs drops XP, smelting ores drops XP, fishing drops XP, but farming doesn't. I think this is a bit outside my scope. Could somebody write a script that sometimes drops a few XP when a player mines ripe crops? Well, this will be good enough I guess. on mine of ripe...
  6. B

    Creating a modded survival on minehut

    Hi! Currently i am in need of help, I’m creating a modded survival on a server called, and I dont have any skript addons, so I dont really know what to do. If anyone could help me out, I’d really appreciate it. My discord tag is supersmart sweatcoin guy#2467 . Thanks!
  7. WaxtzCraft

    LethalGames 1.8.x a 1.11.x - [Survival, UHC Simulator & Murder(Garrys Mod o TTT)]

    ★ LethalGames Network ★ ★ ¿About us? ★ We are LethalGames a server dedicated to PvP and adventure, approximately 2 months ago online. ★ ¿How can I enter? ★ Easy, you can enter from versions 1.8 to the most current versions (1.11) using our ip: ★ ¿The server is non-premium...