[SKRIPT] ⭐ENCHANTED MOBS ⭐ - Make vanilla mobs stronger ! (API ✅ Easy to use ✅)

Script [SKRIPT] ⭐ENCHANTED MOBS ⭐ - Make vanilla mobs stronger ! (API ✅ Easy to use ✅) 1.0

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.20

Enhance your survival adventure with mobs abilities !

Important information: Loading this skript causes some errors to show up on chat. Just ignore them, these are visual only.

How to install
Install Skript, Skript-reflect and Skbee for 1.20.2+
⋙ Drag and drop the EnchantedMobs folder into your Skript/scripts folder
Do /sk reload /EnchantedMobs/

⋙ Custom expressions, events, effects and conditions to create your own abilities !
⋙ 19 pre-made abilities ready to work !
⋙ Easy configuration
to adapt this Skript to your needs !
⋙ Bossbars, particles and more options !
⋙ /enchm command for easy use !

Using the API
The API provided by EnchantedMobs is an essential part of this Skript.
See here the essentials parts of the API. You can see more in the skript.

IMPORTANT: Register your new ability name in the main EnchantedMobs skript, at the abilities-list option, in order to use it.

enchantedmob apply ability %string% to %entity% ⋙ Applies an ability to a mob. Ability must be registered in abilities-list option.

enchantedmob abilities of %entity% ⋙ Returns all abilities of an entity. Very useful to create your abilities.

enchantedmob %entity% is enchanted ⋙ Returns true or false.

Creating my ability

See here an example of ability using the API. You can see a lot of pre-made abilities in Enchantments.sk too.

Note that it is a very simple example. You can do much more.
#I want to make an ability called 'POISON' which inflicts Poison effect to the attacker.
#This ability is called when the enchanted mob is damaged.
on damage of living entity:
    #Checking if the victim is enchanted
    if victim is enchanted:
        #Checking if the victim has the abilty 'POISON'
        #Quick note: parsing a list as a string to check the enchantment is a rudimentary way of checking...
        #But Skript has some issues with string lists. There's no other ways in my knowledge.
        if "%enchantedmobs enchantments of victim%" contains "POISON":
            apply poison 2 to attacker for 10 seconds replacing the existing effect

Planned features

More features will come soon such as:
* MythicMobs compatibility
* More API features
* Full online documentation
First release
Last update
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