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Solved "Easy Title" Skript not coloring title & subtitle

Discussion in 'Skript' started by Fiopon, Feb 11, 2019.

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  1. Fiopon

    Fiopon New Member

    Dec 26, 2018
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    So, I'm making an "easy title" skript, which works perfectly except for one small issue. The title and subtitle are never colored. The actionbar will come out colored, but neither the title nor the subtitle will. I find it really weird and I'm wondering if anyone could help me out?
    Code (Text):
    1. command /easytitle [<text>] [<text>]:
    2.     aliases: etitle, simpletitle, stitle
    3.     permission: duffcraft.easytitle
    4.     permission message: {@nopermission}
    5.     trigger:
    6.         if {temptitle.%player%.title} is not set:
    7.             set {temptitle.%player%.title} to false
    8.         if {temptitle.%player%.subtitle} is not set:
    9.             set {temptitle.%player%.subtitle} to false
    10.         if {temptitle.%player%.actionbar} is not set:
    11.             set {temptitle.%player%.actionbar} to false
    12.         if arg 1 is not set:
    13.             message "&bUsage: /&eeasytitle &etitle&b|&esubtitle&b|&eactionbar&b|&edelete&b|&etest&b|&esend &b<&etext&b>"
    14.         if arg 1 is "title":
    15.             if arg 2 is not set:
    16.                 make player execute command "/etitle"
    17.                 stop
    18.             message "&eTitle&b set to '&r%colored arg-2%&b'"
    19.             set {temptitle.%player%.title} to arg 2
    20.         if arg 1 is "subtitle":
    21.             if arg 2 is not set:
    22.                 make player execute command "/etitle"
    23.                 stop
    24.             message "&eSubtitle&b set to '&r%colored arg-2%&b'"
    25.             set {temptitle.%player%.subtitle} to arg 2
    26.         if arg 1 is "actionbar":
    27.             if arg 2 is not set:
    28.                 make player execute command "/etitle"
    29.                 stop
    30.             message "&eAction Bar&b set to '&r%colored arg-2%&b'"
    31.             set {temptitle.%player%.actionbar} to arg 2
    32.         if arg 1 is "del" or "delete" or "remove" or "rem":
    33.             if arg 2 is not set:
    34.                 message "&bWhich would you like to delete?"
    35.                 message "  &cAll"
    36.                 if {temptitle.%player%.title} is not false:
    37.                     message "  &cTitle"
    38.                 if {temptitle.%player%.subtitle} is not false:
    39.                     message "  &cSubtitle"
    40.                 if {temptitle.%player%.actionbar} is not false:
    41.                     message "  &cAction bar"
    42.             if arg 2 is "title" or "all":
    43.                 set {temptitle.%player%.title} to false
    44.                 message "&bTitle deleted."
    45.             if arg 2 is "subtitle" or "all":
    46.                 set {temptitle.%player%.subtitle} to false
    47.                 message "&bSubtitle deleted."
    48.             if arg 2 is "actionbar" or "action bar" or "all":
    49.                 set {temptitle.%player%.actionbar} to false
    50.                 message "&bAction bar deleted."
    51.         if arg 1 is "test":
    52.             set {_title} to "%{temptitle.%player%.title}%"
    53.             set {_subtitle} to "%{temptitle.%player%.subtitle}%"
    54.             set {_actionbar} to "%{temptitle.%player%.actionbar}%"
    55.             if {temptitle.%player%.title} is false:
    56.                 set {_title} to "&r"
    57.             if {temptitle.%player%.subtitle} is false:
    58.                 set {_subtitle} to "&r"
    59.             if {temptitle.%player%.actionbar} is false:
    60.                 set {_actionbar} to "&r"
    61.             send player title "%{_title}%" with subtitle "%{_subtitle}%"
    62.             send a actionbar from "%{_actionbar}%" to player
    63.         if arg 1 is "send":
    64.             set {_title} to "%{temptitle.%player%.title}%"
    65.             set {_subtitle} to "%{temptitle.%player%.subtitle}%"
    66.             set {_actionbar} to "%{temptitle.%player%.actionbar}%"
    67.             if {temptitle.%player%.title} is false:
    68.                 set {_title} to "&r"
    69.             if {temptitle.%player%.subtitle} is false:
    70.                 set {_subtitle} to "&r"
    71.             if {temptitle.%player%.actionbar} is false:
    72.                 set {_actionbar} to "&r"
    73.             loop all players:
    74.                 send loop-player title "%{_title}%" with subtitle "%{_subtitle}%"
    75.                 send a actionbar from "%{_actionbar}%" to loop-player
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 11, 2019, Original Post Date: Feb 11, 2019 ---
    Nevermind, I fixed this myself a moment after posting this. I put the "colored arg-2" in the message instead of the actual setting thing by mistake, whoops
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