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  1. B

    about set actionbar

    I want to do the action bar but it gave me this error. [ERROR] Can't understand this condition/effect: show action bar "&6(&e!&6) &e Light OverLay Activated" to player (eternal, line 147: show action bar "&6(&e!&6) &e Light OverLay Activated" to player') [ERROR] Can't understand this...
  2. D

    Info of target player in actionbar

    I already did one of these but used the "on any move" that worked this way: When I looked at a player I would say his information (like money, clan) in the actionbar but if I stood still the information would no longer appear, I want a way to show a player's information in the actionbar even...
  3. F

    Solved "Easy Title" Skript not coloring title & subtitle

    So, I'm making an "easy title" skript, which works perfectly except for one small issue. The title and subtitle are never colored. The actionbar will come out colored, but neither the title nor the subtitle will. I find it really weird and I'm wondering if anyone could help me out? command...
  4. Brendo99

    Script Rainbow Bar 0.1

    Rainbow Bar Version 0.1 What is Rainbow Bar? Rainbow Bar is a simple action bar that you can fully customize in seconds. It loops through &a to &f with your customised message and lets people view it using the custom permission you can set. Permissions (NOTE: You can change...