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  1. thatguypsycho

    Solved Hex Colors not showing up with LuckPerms prefix in chat.

    I have a custom chat filter using skript and I am trying to use my custom hex code colored prefixes from LuckPerms in the chat message before the users name. on chat: loop all players: if message contains "%loop-player%": play sound "entity_experience_orb_pickup" to...
  2. F

    Solved "Easy Title" Skript not coloring title & subtitle

    So, I'm making an "easy title" skript, which works perfectly except for one small issue. The title and subtitle are never colored. The actionbar will come out colored, but neither the title nor the subtitle will. I find it really weird and I'm wondering if anyone could help me out? command...
  3. ShaneBee

    Script Alright ChatControl 1.0

    Alright ChatControl *IMPORTANT - Please see all dependencies below for proper installation* An alright system, to allow players to change the color/format of their chat. With the use of a GUI a player can select the color/format they would like to set for their chat. This color/format will...