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  1. G

    a mana system with a subtitle

    hello so im creating an rpg/dungeons server and was wondering how to make a mana system. wut i did at first was use a scoreboard, with commands, but there were no good places to display it. So i started looking on the forums for mana systems, but there were none. so basically what i want is...
  2. L

    Solved Players subtitle?

    Hi, Is it possible to insert a text with skript under the player name like here (1.8.9): "Spielzeit: 0h 0m"
  3. F

    Solved "Easy Title" Skript not coloring title & subtitle

    So, I'm making an "easy title" skript, which works perfectly except for one small issue. The title and subtitle are never colored. The actionbar will come out colored, but neither the title nor the subtitle will. I find it really weird and I'm wondering if anyone could help me out? command...
  4. Vexio

    API TitleAPI v1.4.1

    TitleAPI A simple way of sending titles & subtitles w/o any sk or skQ addons! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Features No additional addons (Except for this Skript ofcourse) Three extremely simple...