Custom crate templates (Creating crate designs for free)

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Can you make a template so that i need to have a key, and when i right click a chest with a specifred key, it will open with 3 rows, and the middle of the row a random item pop's op - if you know what i mean
Of course it is possible but you are in really wrong section. This thread is only for GUI templates for crates.
Hello, could someone make a model of the first template with percentages of each item?
Where it adds items like add dirt named "&6DIRT" to {_roll::*}

Just add multiples to increase the chances of it happening and lowering others at the same time.

So like

loop 5 times:
    add dirt named "&6DIRT" to {_roll::*}
Will make apples 5 times more possible than a diamond if there were also 1 diamond in the list.