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  1. Hypenexy

    Is MySQL even possible on 1.12.2 spigot?

    I've been looking for 2 years, but, as the title says, I still can't find a way to use MySQL with SkQuery.
  2. Sam1370

    Solved Skript says unknown command

    So I try to make a command, right? And then I do! And then Skript says that it's an unknown command at the same time while returning how you do it. This is what it says: 20.06 11:40:48 [Server] INFO Correct usage: /trs30minutes <player> 20.06 11:40:48 [Server] INFO Unknown command. Type "/help"...
  3. LimeGlass

    Custom crate templates (Creating crate designs for free)

    Custom crate templates by LimeGlass Basically I will be creating your crate ideas in any way you wish. All you have todo is explain how the crate rotates or moves with a picture or explaination. Why am I doing this? Doesn't it seem like alot of work? Won't people request alot? Yes and I don't...