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  1. mmaalex22112

    Solved Region name not being recognized properly.

    Hey all. For some reason, for the life of me I can't get this to work. I'm only ever getting the message one triggered. It seems like it is only reading the pk1 part of the name. on region enter: if "%region at player%" is "%{pk1_mine}%": if {pk1_mine.%player%} is true...
  2. M

    Solved Skript with Worldguard doesn't work

    Server Version: Paper-1.14.4-b243 Skript Version: 2.5-alpha3 Worldguard that i Tried: - worldguard-bukkit-7.0.1 - worldguard-bukkit-7.0.2 - worldguard-bukkit-7.0.3-SNAPSHOT-dist Problem: can't use any Events / Conditions or any type of worldguard region Code: On Region Enter: message "test...
  3. FlameikTV

    Solved Reseting Prison Mines

    Hi, I want to reset my mines with skript but I don't want to reset mine by coordinates like in this topic.. My friend has told me that it is possible to loop all blocks in WorldGuard region and test if it is 0 - fill it and if it is (for example as block in current mine) 1 - don't fill it.. Do...
  4. F

    Solved Worldguard Problem with sk

    Hey guys... When I join on my server this error come.. [Skript] Task #111 for Skript v2.2-dev27 generated an exception java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError: Found class, but interface was expected at...
  5. kamilleon

    Solved Break certain blocks inside region

    I'm trying to make an ore regen skript, but the ores would be inside a protected region. Theres two possible ways to do this, but for both I can't figure it out a, Get the x y z coordinates of the block, and make it to a string, then save it as a region, and allow the block break flag but...
  6. Nikola

    Solved Region Inventories

    Hello, I'm making a RPG server, and I need your help. My idea is that when player enters a forest region (named: forest) his inventory will get saved, then removed, and he will receive an axe. When player leaves that region, his inventory (with all saved stuff) will appear again. I saw an addon...
  7. C

    Clear inventory on entry of a region and when leaving.

    Can somebody please make me a Skript where when a player enters or leaves the region 'buildzone' their inventory is instantly cleared (if you could, when they enter give them 64 steak). If anyone could do this for me it would be amazing. Thanks!
  8. Nikola

    Solved Help with WorldGuard regions

    Hello. I have been working at one project in skript and I really need your help. My idea is to send title or message when player enters worldguard region (example: region named "Spawn"). My problem is that I can't find a code for entering specified region. Is there any addon which adds region...
  9. ItsMCB

    Solved Do script if in specific WorldGuard region

    Skript Version (do not put latest): Skript 2.2-dev34 Skript Author: Me Minecraft Version: 1.12.2 Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to make a script work for a player ONLY if they are in a specific world guard region. I know there is a way to do it with different worlds but because I'm...
  10. G

    Solved An internal error occurred while reloading a script

    Whenever I try reload some of my scripts, it gives me the 'An internal error has occurred' message and spits this out in console, Any way to fix this? (btw, I know I can remove SkStuff and it will be fine, but I need it for nbt)
  11. N

    WorldGuard/Skript "Internal Error" Issue

    Hey guys, I'm pretty stumped on this one. I've been using skript for a long time and just recently, one of my skripts broke. A location skript, which effectively returns the name of the region the person is standing in or returns "N/A" if not in any region suddenly stopped working. Now...