WorldGuard/Skript "Internal Error" Issue

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Mar 17, 2017
Hey guys,

I'm pretty stumped on this one. I've been using skript for a long time and just recently, one of my skripts broke. A location skript, which effectively returns the name of the region the person is standing in or returns "N/A" if not in any region suddenly stopped working. Now, whenever I run ANY command involving getting a region that the player is at, I get an error stating an "internal error has occurred" (The default bukkit message when a plugin is not being able to process the command properly. Below is the error message given in the logs as well as the simplest skript which uses this and does not work. I'm sure it's an easy fix and I just changed something, but I was gone for about 2 weeks and can't remember if I changed anything big. Any help is much appreciated!

Error message (Starting with the top line where the person runs the command which should message them their location:

Code (Just tests to see if region name includes test and if so, returns "yes", if not, then "no"):

Thanks again,

~Nick M.
Which version of WorldGuard and Skript are you running? And also the version of your server would be good to know.

My bad, it's late and I wasn't even thinking... Versions are as follows:

WorldGuard: 6.1
Skript: 2.1.2
Spigot: 1.8.8

I should also note that I am using ViaVersion, but not sure if it affects this at all... Like I said, it was all working a bit ago and then something was changed I suppose, just can't figure out what!
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