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  1. T

    Selected hotbar slot

    Hello, I have a problem with the set current hotbar slot of player to 0, the problem is that it doesn't works and in reload its says that the hotbar slot of player can't be set to 0 because the latter is not an slot
  2. M

    On inventory click

    Can someone please tell me how I make a system where when the player drags 1 item to a specific slot, another item appears. EX: I dragged 1 stone to the slot, then another item appears on the side Version 1.8.8 command /menuferreiro2: trigger: open chest with 6 row named "&7Afiados" to...
  3. F

    format gui slot doesnt work

    I tried making a menu, and when i try to foram a gui slot, it shows an error. error: code: command /gui: trigger: open virtual chest inventory with size 3 named "&4Parkour menu" to player format gui slot 0 of player with stone named "&6Easy parkour!" to run: send message "a" to...
  4. Z

    Solved Set inventory slot for specific item only?

    Hello! Is it possible to set slot in player's inventory to only one item? For an example: Slot 9 of player's inventory is locked, and you can't put any items in it, except stone. So the slot would be locked for every other item than stone. I've been trying to figure this out for hours. Can...
  5. Shadow Klassic

    inventory crafting grid slot set item?

    How do i set the inventory crafting grid of a player set to specific items?
  6. WhoCutTheCheese

    I want to format/set a slot

    I want to set slot / format a slot on this skript I just cannot figure out how on rightclick with clock: wait 1 tick open chest with 1 rows named "Server Selector" to player set slot 2 with ironsword It comes up with an error with what I currently have
  7. R

    I want to enchant slot item

    I coded enchant GUI with enchanted stone item(enchant to stone). Others' run in my intend. But, enchantment doesn't work. Enchant other parts' item work well. How can I enchant inventory's slot item? on inventory click: if inventory name of player's current inventory contains...
  8. H

    `If clicked slot` detecting multiple slots

    Hey so I've been working on this crafting skript and I've encountered a bug. The following code : if clicked slot is 18: Seems to detect both slot 18 in the current gui and slot 18 in the player's inventory. I just need it to detect ONLY the GUI slot 18 I've tried using the following: - if...
  9. sOxTw

    Custom slots [open chest]

    Hello, I'm creating an enchantment menu, which has a main menu with only 3 items, and I would like to know if it is possible to remove slots from an inventory generated by skript. As seen in the image to slot 0, 1, 2, 6, 7, 8 I want to eliminate them, that is not a slot. I want it to stop...
  10. revkilleri

    Solved Disable shield slot completely

    Hi, i really need help. I want to disable put shield item to offhand slot, but i dont have an idea how to solve it. This prevent only change item by press "F", but nothink more. I tried too "on inventory click:", but i need prevent put Shield item to slot 40 (offhand) in inventory. Any...
  11. F

    Chest gui

    Hey, how can I set an item on the first free slot of a chest gui and how can i sort a gui for the alphabeticfor example a to z? Thank you :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. cheatchki

    Solved Determine click type

    So this is probably a sad question, however I am new to skript and I can not find the answer anywhere anyways so I open a GUI as follows command /punish <player>: trigger: set {%player%.currentpunish} to arg 1 open chest with 6 rows named "&lPunish %arg 1%" to player...
  13. aescraft

    Compare list values

    I want to make a slot machine with the minecraft colors. This is the slots: | A | B | C | | D | E | F | | G | H | I | So, it's 9 slots, and each slot can have one of the 14 out of the 15 minecraft chat colors. (excluded white) The issue I have is how to compare the result. I was doing...
  14. Hyao

    Name of item in inventory slot

    I'm struggling with finding the name of an item in an inventory slot. Here's what I have. I'm trying to create a special type of crafting, where you put 3 items in 3 different slots in a 1-line chest. (specifically slots 0, 2 and 8). How I'm going about this right now: Player clicks green clay...
  15. Lukhausen

    Solved Skellett inventory action? How to open a new gui by clicking on a slot?

    Hey :emoji_slight_smile: How am I able to interact with a slot created by Skellett like this set slot {_slot} of player's current inventory to ("%loop-value%" parsed as offline player)'s skull named "&6%loop-value%" with lore "&eTrade with %loop-value%." So i want if i click on the head that...
  16. skilledpt

    Script SignCasinoSlots 1.2

    Description Casino slot maching in signs with good looking. Very funny and simple. I hope you like it. Features: - Play slot machines - Easy configuration - Jackpot Dependencies: Skript - Relases Skript