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  1. C

    No hit delay for all mobs except player (SkQuery, Skellet)

    Im trying to make a RPG server for me and my friends and i want to make all the mobs except players recieve no delay between hits. on damage: set {delay} to 0 tick loop all entities: set maximum damage delay of loop-entities to {delay} this doesent seem to work
  2. GLaDOS_James

    help with skript, preferably skellet

    i have skellet, skbee and skript installed but always get this in my skript on 1.19.4:
  3. H

    I want to change the size of the slime

    on place: if event-block is Reinforced Deepslate: cancel event subtract 1 of Reinforced Deepslate from player's inventory spawn slime set {_slime} to last spawned entity set max health of {_slime} to 50 heal {_slime} set {_slime}'s...
  4. S

    Change fishing drops

    Hello, I am trying to change the fishing drops to only cod sadly I just can't succeed. I get no errors but I get the normal fish. Code: on fishing: if "%fishing state%" is "CAUGHT_FISH": cancel event set {_loc} to player's position drop 1 cod at {_loc} I am using...
  5. gangula

    Create corpse problem

    Script Version: 2.6.1 Script Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: 1.12.2 Full Code: on death: create corpse with player data victim at victim location with id victim Description: Hello. Recently I tried to create a corpse using Skellet and Corpsereborn and ran into a problem. I can't create...
  6. FlameikTV

    Solved MySQL connection?

    Hi, is there in Skript still feature to connect with Skript to the MySQL database? I tried everything that I found on Google but nothing of that works for me. :emoji_cry: Please, if you know how to do it - please reply here :emoji_pray::emoji_pray:
  7. C

    How can i spawn a invisible item frame with a map in it?

    Hey, how can i spawn a invisible Item frame with a map inside of it in skript?
  8. M

    Does Skellet's regenerator know which world it's in?

    If I have 2 worlds on my server (using multiverse) and I make a Skellet regenerator in one of them, will it always regenerate in that world? Or do I have to somehow specify the world in which it will regenerate? Thanks
  9. I

    Discord + GD + MC...

    So, I've had the ultimate project: Making a discord bot that connects to Minecraft, Geometry Dash, and discord. I am using Skellet and Vixio for this. (Skellet for MySQL stuff) I need help. For some reason, I can't get skellet to connect to MySQL. Here's my code: discord command gd;test...
  10. G

    Set Slot - Execute command not working

    Hello, I'm trying to execute a player command when clicking on a item in a GUI. My code: set slot 20 of player's current inventory to spawner named "&6Spawner" with lore "&a" then execute player command "/test" It won't accept this, nor with "then run command", or "then run...
  11. Shadow Klassic

    Disguise Skellet.

    How do i disguise mob's skins in skellet with protocolib and libsdisguise. I tried doing this: every 3 ticks in world "world": {timerpowerup} is true loop all players: loop all mobs: set {_lpP} to loop-player set target of all monsters to {_lpP}...
  12. O

    "Skript Severe Internal Error" with creating NPC's with Skellet

    Hello, I was making a "WatchDog" anti-cheat and I was making a NPC to swarm around them. It used to work, but we started editing with it and the original Pastebin got deleted so we just kept on trying to fix it and nothing worked. CODE...
  13. C

    Remove target npc

    Hello, i was wondering how i can remove the target npc of the player using skellet. and I've checked on the documentation. PS: my skript already works, the only issue with it is this: on player create npc: give event-player golden axe named "&cRemove npc" on rightclick: if name of...
  14. TheMineWall

    Solved Help have some error

    [11:58:51 ERROR]: #!#! [Skript] Severe Error: [11:58:51 ERROR]: #!#! [11:58:51 ERROR]: #!#! If you're developing an add-on for Skript this likely means that you have done something wrong. [11:58:51 ERROR]: #!#! If you're a server admin however please go to...
  15. Z

    Loading a variable in SQL without repeating query

    Skript Version: 2.2-dev31c Skript Author: Me Minecraft Version: 1.11.2 --- Full Code: set {_woodinfo13} to mysql result of query "SELECT * FROM player_jobs WHERE player = ""%player%""" set {_arraysearch::*} to mysql string "talent1" in {_woodinfo} set {_talent1} to...
  16. Zoot

    Skellet Spawn Citizen

    Addon: - Skript V2.2-dev32d - Skellett 1.9.6b - Citizens v2.0.16-SNAPSHOT (build 1267) Have you tried searching the docs? Yes Have you tried searching the forums? Yes I've enabled Citizens in the config, used the example on skunity documentation which is: command /testing: trigger...
  17. S

    How i can do scoreboard using Skellett?

    Hi, I try to do scoreboard for a few days. I dont now, how i can do it. Can you help me? I prefer to use Skellet, teams, scores etc. PS: Sorry for my bad English :(
  18. Selvati

    Skellet natural break help

    I need this code to exclude the breaking of bedrock and obsidian unless player's tool is a diamond pickaxe, player's can get bedrock using this, thanks. # 3x3 Mining on mine: if lore of player's held item contains "&eExplosive I": set {_1} to location of event-block set {_2}...
  19. V

    Mute mob sound???

    Hello, i'm maybe on wrong section, but i finding a way to mute mobs sounds to be quite, i found a way using skellett but thats only for 1.10+ i need for 1.8.8, so can somebody help me with that. - Thanks in advance
  20. V

    Store event joined players in variable like {e::ccevents::%{_joinedplayers}%::players::*}

    Hello, if you reading this now you are here to help me make a list and in that list to store all player joined a event. So here is me code: INFO: In code i don't implement a feature of list soo i need a way to make it. command /hostevent: permission: cc.command.hostevent permission...