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  1. ItsMCB

    Solved Enable/Disable Scoreboard with %loop-player% and %player%

    I'm trying to create a command that will toggle the scoreboard for that certain player. One player might want to play with it on while another might want it off. This gives them that option. I have gotten the enable and disable part of the code to work, but I'm not sure how I can fit it in with...
  2. ShaneBee

    Addon SkBee 3.4.3

    SkBee is a Skript addon which brings a whole bunch of new elements to your Skript experience. This add-on adds many more syntaxes, to help make your server the best it can be. Elements: This is only a small list of the many things included: - NBT elements such as get/set NBT of items, blocks...
  3. SpawnRusher

    Top Kills Scoreboard

    I'm trying to make a top kills scoreboard for my server, and I don't know how I would do it. Any help?
  4. T

    Solved List of skript placeholders to use?

    Hello, So I am making a hub skript with a scoreboard. I want people to be able to edit this easily by using placeholders. I know there are a few possible in skript like %player% and to get the world of a player and stuff. But is there somewhere a list with all placeholders built in to Skript...
  5. E

    Sidebar issue

    I have an issue with skript. Ir load up and it doesnt show any errors, but when I teleport to the (Overworld) world, the sidebar doesnt change. every 5 seconds in "Overworld": loop players in "Overworld": wipe loop-player's sidebar set name of sidebar of loop-player to...
  6. E

    Solved Skript Error: loop-player is not a date

    I just got a problem with this loop-player thing, and really need help by fixing it.
  7. Marsbar

    Solved Scoreboard

    Hi Every one, this scoreboard skript won't send the lines after the "Rank:" line. Im sorry if this is my plugins but i could need help. Every 0.1 second: loop all players: wipe loop-player's sidebar set name of sidebar of loop-player to "%{scorename.%loop-player%}%"...
  8. C


    Hello I need help with my scoreboard. My script: It always comes the error: 'player' is not an item stack (, line ...: .....) I am happy about any help! German: Hallo Ich brauche Hilfe bei meinen Scoreboard. Mein Skript...
  9. S

    SkUngee or?

    Hi forum So, i try to make a scoreboard when i can see players on the bungeecord servers. Example: Kitpvp: (20) players online. But i can't find out to make SkUngee work, is there an alternative? Or how do i set it up? Is SkUngee compatible with 1.8.8 Spigot? Best regards Simon
  10. Jakkeren

    Problem with scoreboard.

    Hello. We're a freshly started OPPrison server, and we've just opened. We've run into problems however... Our scoreboard skript linked below causes the server to lag extremely much -- it's unplayable. We've had to disable it for a bit of time now, and we're wondering if we're doing anything...
  11. G

    How do you read a scoreboard?

    Hello! I have a question: How do I get a score of a player? I want to make something that looks like this: loop all players: set {_maxhp} to %player%'s score of objective maxhealth I have looked at both docs and forums
  12. GK_Nico

    scoreboard problem

    Hello together I have a problem with my scoreboard when I give eg a user coins are the old and the new coins there as well as the rank updater is not could tell me who it can be? Ich habe ein Problem mit mein Scoreboard wenn ich zb ein user Coins gebe stehen die alten und die neuen Coins da...
  13. S

    Scoreboard Random issue

    Hi there I have a issue with my Scoreboard Skript: The issue is that it's blink randomly and sometimes is longer on SMP status than OP-Faction status (SEE THE SKRIPT) I can't solve the issue by my self, i'm in hope that you guys can help me. Best regards Simon
  14. S

    Team prefix with Skellett

    Hello, I have a problem with Skellett adon: I don't know how can I set the prefix of my created team. I found this in SkriptHub docs and in the plugin's code. I've tried this: set scoreboard team prefix of "player" to "&8" But it doesn't work, this expression can't be found by Skript. Thank...
  15. F

    Skoreboard error (Skore add-on)

    I've created a script for a scoreboard with the addon Skore. But there is an error that i can't get fixed: on join: wipe player sidebar setup skoreboard for player: set title of skoreboard player to "&5&lMagic&c&lKingdom" set slot 1 of skoreboard player to "&7Online...
  16. PotteryTNT

    UHC Scoreboard Skript

    Category: UHC Suggested name: UHCboard (you can change it if you want) What I want: So on other UHC servers I see a scoreboard that consists of a timer, your kills, players left, current border and etc... I would like something like this made if possible as I own a UHC server myself and...
  17. tom2090

    Solved Scoreboard won't delete

    Hello ! I post on this forum because it's the first time i encounter a problem with Skript. The problem is, when i configure a scoreboard to show, there's no problem. But when I try to wipe it, it just stay showed. I tried to delete the scoreboard file of all the maps (I use multiverse +...
  18. ItsMCB

    Solved Duplicating scoreboard items

    Skript Version (do not put latest): Skript 2.2-dev34 Skript Author: me Minecraft Version: 1.12 I'm having an issue with scoreboards where when things update it adds a new line instead of updating the previous one. every second: loop all players: if loop-player is in "world"...
  19. SamDFL

    Problem with SkRayfall Scoreboard

    Skript Version: Skript (Latest Version) Skript Author: SamDFL Minecraft Version: 1.8.9 So I'm trying to make a scoreboard for my UHC server while players are in the lobby. It shows amount of players online, host's name, team size and the server's twitter. This was working earlier, but suddenly...
  20. Aralwen

    Solved Update scoreboard don't work exactly

    Hi developpers, I have a problem, I use the command /timer for display scoreboard to players then the /timermaj command is performed every second to update the counter. The problem is that the scoreboard updates only to the last person who executed the /timer command Explanation of the...