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  1. L

    Solved Help with right click

    Hi , I have a problem with right click, basically , when a player right click with the item, it does work well, but if the items are 2, it does not work. on right click on dirt: if tool of player is stick: if name of tool of player is "example": make console execute...
  2. U

    Cooldown For A Right Click Skript

    hey guys i was just wondering if you can help a stranger because its just that i tried to make a partneritem skript but i never knew how to add a cooldown to a right click skript what i did is that when u right clicked that item it does a command that has a cooldown and what happend is that...
  3. KingDooms

    Not being able to set a block at clicked block's location

    So i don't know why but you can't set a block at the clicked block's location, idk if im doing it wrong because there is no errors. on right click on a stone button: set {_button1} to location 1 meter west clicked block set {_button2} to location at clicked block set block at...
  4. KingDooms

    Solved Right click a specific item to trigger something

    So in a server im making, there will be given 3 keys/tripwire hooks... each one is supposed to teleport to a different area. There called "Axe Shop Key", "Sword Shop Key" and "Bow Shop Key". But i want so when the player right clicks the specific key, it will go to the type of shop, but it...
  5. G

    Making zombie(or else) swing the item

    I want to make zombie swing the item. I mean, making mob able to use right-click. I search several hours but I can't found the answer. Is there a way to make my plan be realized?
  6. PotteryTNT

    Solved Skript Right Click Addition Request

    Category: UHC What I want: Alright so I currently have a skript called LAFS (Love At First Sight) where when you damage a player, and that player hasn't been damaged by anyone yet, gets put into a team. I would like it so this exact thing happens but with the ability on right clicking on the...
  7. C

    on rightclick on sign

    So I am making so when you click on a sign it opens a gui for you. This is my current code: on right click on sign: 1st line of clicked block is "&0[&5TreinTickets&0]" open chest with 3 rows named "{@menu-naam}" to player wait 1 tick set {_slot} to 0 loop 28 times...
  8. P

    Solved Drop an item in front of the player

    How can I do if a player clicks with an item, an another item drops/spawn in front of the player? I tried this: on rightclick: player is holding vines named "Varázsgyökér": player is sneaking: drop a diamondsword in front of the player's head The distance from the player...
  9. cheatchki

    Solved Determine click type

    So this is probably a sad question, however I am new to skript and I can not find the answer anywhere anyways so I open a GUI as follows command /punish <player>: trigger: set {%player%.currentpunish} to arg 1 open chest with 6 rows named "&lPunish %arg 1%" to player...