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  1. Radicc

    Rename broken blocks

    i tried to make a skript with skulls and when you broke a skull it would rename it to the name it had before it was placed on place: id of event-block = 144 set {skull::%event-block%} to location of event-block set {skull::%event-block%::name} to name of event-block set...
  2. F

    Skript doesn't tell apart offline players' name

    Hey everyone! I am pretty sure that this is a Skript bug and it's driving me crazy. So basically, when I write a skript like the one below, even if I write a non-existent name in the command, it doesn't tell them apart it. No errors either. It just goes "This player's name is fegfkfnfbd". How...
  3. A

    scoreboard glitch

    hi, im having problems with my scoreboard its buggy and glitching out. Can someone help me with this? my code is this: every 1 second: loop all players: set {_online} to number of all players set name of sidebar of loop-players to "&6&l&n&e&l&nG&6&l&nradeUpWards" wait...
  4. F

    Creating and removing bound holo objects

    command /givenameholo [<player>] [<text>]: trigger: if player is op: if arg 1 is set: if arg 2 is set: create bound holo object "&e%arg-2%" with id "HoloName::%arg-1%" to arg 1 offset by 0, 3.2, 0 send "%arg-2% is now %arg-1%'s nickname." to player else: send "Type a nickname for the player." to...
  5. F

    Skript Creating and removing bound holo objects

    command /givenameholo [<player>] [<text>]: trigger: if player is op: if arg 1 is set: if arg 2 is set: create bound holo object "&e%arg-2%" with id "HoloName::%arg-1%" to arg 1 offset by 0, 3.2, 0 send "%arg-2% is...
  6. Mjatt_

    Players name as variable

    Hey there, I'm relatively new to coding/skript and wanted to open an GUI when clicking on another player. So that would start with on right click on player bla bla bla. But i want the name of the GUI as the name of the player you clicked on. Could anyone help? I cannot figure it out. All help...
  7. N

    Help: save placed block names in variable

    Hello, i want to save the name of custom heads in a variable when placed and use them for some if statements when broken. This is currently my script and the message on place just says <nothing>: on place of player head: message "%name of event-block%" to player if name of event-block is...
  8. K

    Items are named with italics

    No matter what I do I can’t get rid of the italics on items when I name them If I use <reset> tag it doesn’t work either. command /gibmedastick: trigger: give player a stick named "<reset><bold>Stick of immense power" send "You got da stick now go slap some peeps" It gives me...
  9. M

    skript armor

    My friend and I are trying to make a Skript where if you are wearing a full armor set, it effects you with resistance. Here's the code we have: variables: {superior.%player%} = "False" {superior.count.%player%} = 0 on player armor change: if new chestplate is named "&6Superior...
  10. TotaledToast

    Names of Items Inside Chests

    Hola, I'm in the early parts of making a quest skript which involves villager dialogue. This should work by having the names of items in a chest below the villager be messaged to the player. It all works except the line which sets the message to the player "set {QuestText} to name of {_qitem}"...
  11. D

    Changing Name Of Player's tool, changes name to <none>

    Skript Version: 2.5-alpha6-MH Errors: None Code: command /upgrade: permission: tester trigger: set {_toolname} to uncoloured name of player's tool set {_0} to lore of player's tool set {_1::*} to split {_0} at "||" set {_0} to size of {_1::*} if line {_0}...
  12. integro96

    Solved Item in inventory with custom name and lore

    Hi people! i have a issue with inventory/custom name, i want people use a "cookie" for keep inventory and xp and consume the cookie with specific name and lore oh and of course dont consume while eating. i did it in while the cookie was in hand, but i want to be in any part of the inventory. i...
  13. Nikox

    Check if item has name

    Hi! Can I check if item has name? I have recently found out that Skript doesn't remove named items. It can be very abusable, for example: command /gold: trigger: if player has 9 gold ingot: remove 9 gold ingot from player's inventory give player 1 gold block...
  14. Jonathan Cohen


    Category: Tablist Name Suggested name: EnemyTab Spigot/Skript Version: Latest What I want: A proper description. Ideas for commands: None Ideas for permissions: None I hope anyone can help me with this. Best regards, Jonathan.
  15. G

    Loop file names

    How can i loop file names in directory? ~ Sorry for this bad english.
  16. LeStegii

    Vanilla Item Name

    Hey, im currently creating a custom enchantments Script without using Tuske and i'm having a problem. The problem is, that the tool doesn't have a name/display name, so it will be called "<none>". Is there any way i can fix this without manually checking the item and setting a name for it?
  17. F

    How do I use on right click on player but specify the player's name?

    Hello, so I am working on a small project and I am using skript but when I try to use 'on rightclick on player named "Help" ' I get an error ill attach a screenshot of the error. But is there a way to use on right click on player specifying a name?
  18. PotatoGoesMoo

    Solved Changing name of player's held item?

    Hey all, I need help with changing the name of the player's held item. I've tried this with quotation marks in all different places: on rightclick with lead: set {_item} to player's held item add "{display:{Name=Hey}}" to nbt of {_item} But that doesn't seem to work. I don't get any...
  19. XxMartuixX

    Solved I need minecraft name of a item in a variable

    Hi, I have a big problem ... I have to add the nbt to an armor stand through an object list This is the code inside the function to add the nbt add...
  20. S

    Message Change Skript

    So, essentially, I want my messages to be someone akin to this: "SandyVerse &8» %message%" But, when using this as a rough outline options: P: &6&lUHC &8 » on chat: set message to "{Player} &8» %message%" I get "SandyVerse: {Player} &8» (insert message). Any help?