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  1. TenToTu Sho

    Loop Variable Problem

    hi, im making a code, but i have this following problem: command /test123: permission: admin.test trigger: loop {pvp.elo.*}: loop-value is greater than 1999 set {seasonglory} to loop-value - 2000 set {seasonglory} to {seasonglory} / 2...
  2. L

    Message repeat in a loop

    every 5 seconds: loop all players: loop blocks in radius 5 around loop-player: loop-block is a fire or lava: add player to {temperatura.fuego::*} add 0.25 to {temperatura.actual.%loop-player%} if {temperatura.actual.%loop-player%} < 37.4...
  3. F

    Solved Infinity Loop?

    Hey guys, command /test: trigger: if {test.%player%} is true: set {test.%player%} to false send "Test = False" else: set {test.%player%} to true loop 1 times: broadcast "Test in on true!!!" wait...
  4. J

    Need help with some Timed Loop Stuff

    Skript Version: 2.4 Minecraft Version: 1.15.1 So, I'm making a thing called Class. So when a player first joins, the player will be prompted with a GUI Menu, and to choose one of the 2 classes: One is Warrior and the other is Builder. The player cannot close the GUI. Once the player has chosen...
  5. J

    Stop loop if taken damage

    Hey bois and girls. Im in the making of a drug lab skript. And i wanna make it so if u take damage the loop stops. This is what i have a this point in time. on rightclick on dropper: if "%region at event-block%" contains "Druglaborken": cancel event if {drugcooldown.%uuid...

    loop and give player items

    Hello i have set {test.lvl.1::*} to items in the player's inventory set player's inventory to {test.lvl.1::*} but i will have loop {mw.lvl.%player's level%::*} and give player all looped items of {mw.lvl.%player's level%::*} can anybody make a Example or help me NEWS: my test code but it...
  7. Z

    Can't loop because its only a single value

    Ok so I saw this skript that was a command log and I wanted to try to make it so each player had their own logs. For example, you could do /logs Player Commands and all of those players command would be listed. Heres the code: on command: if sender is a player: set {_time} to now...
  8. G

    Loop file names

    How can i loop file names in directory? ~ Sorry for this bad english.
  9. C

    Problem With Variables

    i am trying to recreate parts of skyfactory like silkworms and i have tried to do it but i can't get it to work properly on right click: if {Running} is equal to 1: if targeted block is oak leaves: if distance between targeted block and player is less than or equal to 5...
  10. A

    Loop all players in a list ? HELP !

    Hello everyone ! I have a problem while making a Skript.. I made a list which is called {rtf.kit.tank::*} and I have some players added in this list. I want to loop all players who are in the list. How can I do ? Here is a code for example of using the loop all players in a list. Should I use...
  11. A

    Solved Loop-player help

    Hello, I using a latest version of the minecraft skript plugin and I have got a problem with.... There's no loop that matches 'loop-player has not permission "vanish2.sk" ' I usig some addons, but I not thing it's that. This is CODE in file core.sk: command /vanishsk: trigger: if...
  12. B

    Solved Loop between blocks

    Hey is there a way to loop all blocks between 2 cords in a square selection? I tried loop blocks between block at x and x: but that only loops the blocks between the 2 cords, I'm trying to loop the blocks in a square like matter like /fill, can anyone help? bump Solved, I did blocks within...

    Solved There's no loop that matches

    My code: every 1 second: loop all players: if {music.%loop-player%} is true: if {musicwait.%loop-player%} = 0: play "MUSIC_DISC_11" to loop-value at volume 100 set {musicwait.%loop-player%} to 0 else: remove 1 from {musicwait.%loop-player%} and error...
  14. K


    Hello. I have a Problem i want to make a Rainbow wool that is on your head and this is the code if arg 1 is "White woole": equip player with White wool send "&cR&6e&eg&2e&3n&1b&5o&cg&6e&en &2W&3o&1l&5l&ce &7gewählt" wait 10 tick...
  15. SoMuchWessel

    Problem with looping

    Hello guys, I got this code: command /startclassic1: executable by: console and players trigger: loop all players: if {classic::players::*} contains loop-player: if {color::%loop-player%} is set: set {_rol} to a random element out...
  16. D

    Solved AutoClicker check problem

    Skript Version: 2.1.2 Minecraft Version: 1.8.9 --- Full Code: # AntiAutoClicker by D0XY. https://www.youtube.com/c/d0xyyt options: # Change the number after "clickmax" to set what CPS the player gets kicked at! clickmax: 5 # DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING BELOW THIS LINE!!! prefix...
  17. RiCkYB_667

    loop-number problem in inventory item command variable

    Hi! I have an issue which i am not seem to be able to resolve by myself. I am filling a virtual inventory using a loop to create a slot selection GUI. The loop-value fills the slot name just fine, but the linked command to all slots always ends up using the latest loop-value (in my case 20) no...
  18. L

    Click on the block in the region

    Good afternoon, my friend! I have a problem. I need that when I click on any block in the region, the value of the variable changes. on rightclick: loop all blocks in region{Ogorod}: # PROBLEM LINE if {Proverka} = 0: set {Proverka} to 1 if {Speed_Attack} = 1...
  19. A


    I need some help... I want to make that if a player is sneaking on a white wool block appen something... like send title message... change variables Player is sneaking On a wool block Every 3 second Send message 3 Send message 2 Send message 1 Add 1 to variable money #Repeat it every 3 seconds...
  20. L

    Solved Creating GUI That Shows Heads Of Online Players

    I'm trying to create a moderator tool that allows me to view a GUI that shows me the heads of all online players, and then if I were to click on a head it would teleport me to that player. I haven't bothered trying to code the click/teleport function, because I am so far unable to get showing...