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  1. FoxCraftGaming

    Error while looping items

    Hello, i am trying to cancel a drop event when there are to much items but i dont get it to work This is my skript: every 1 seconds: loop dropped items in radius 3 of location of {drop.1}: if loop-value is more than 9: cancel event drop 3 egg at {drop.1}
  2. Jimsk

    see amount of loop-item

    on right click with paper: loop all items of player's inventory: if name of loop-item is "&6$0.50": remove loop-item from player add 0.50 to player's balance This code works but only gives 0.50 when it takes all the items. I have tried using "set {_amount::*}...
  3. H

    How to Infinity

    I know there is another forum with the same name or similar name but I did not understand I want to make a pet I have a problem in making a circle is infinite if anyone can solve my problem Sorry for writing all this in bad English Has been a translator
  4. A

    [HELP] Changing price for item

    Hi i want to want let a item change price every 10 seconds, and i dont know what to do. This my code so far. every 10 seconds: loop all players: set {_prijs} to a random integer between 2800 and 4600
  5. KingDooms

    Doesn't damage players

    So im trying to make a sword that has multiple abilities, but one of the abilities damages everything except players but i want it to damage everything. Help? if {ShaggyWeapon::%player%} is 3: push the player up at speed 1.1 wait 16 ticks set...
  6. W

    Solved Help with making a moving gradient for a name.

    Hello. I would like to have a rainbow-ish coloured name tag in my Minecraft server. For example, my name tag would be: WilliamPlays0402 0.5s later: WilliamPlays0402 0.5s later: WilliamPlays0402 etc.. This is what I've achieved so far: every 5 tick: add 1 to {60ticktime} if {60ticktime} is...
  7. W

    check lore number

    Hello, i need help i tried to check the number of my item lore on damage: victim is a living entity if attacker is a player: attacker is holding a sword set {_lore::*} to attacker tool split by "||" #this one the problem loop {_lore::*}: set...
  8. J


    Hello! I was wondering if anyone could help me with a skript Objective: When a players mine a chest, it checks the items in the chest, & if it has a specific item, in this case for an example, a water bottle, it would cancel the event The skript still runs fine, however when I place a water...
  9. M

    Why do my loops repeat even after I reload the script?

    Title says everything
  10. N

    Scoreboard works fine for me, friend that joins doesn't have it.

    Script Version: 2.5.3 Script Author: Nutrition35? I assume author of the Skript itself Minecraft Version: 1.15.2 Full Code: Code: every 1 seconds: loop all players: if loop-player is in world "Prison": wipe loop-player's sidebar set name of sidebar of loop-player to...
  11. pokw

    Loop the inventory of player's tool

    How do I loop the inventory of a player's tool? This is the code I have right now if someone can help. command /command: trigger: player's tool is shulker: loop the inventory of player's tool: if loop-inventory contains dirt: send "loop inventory contains dirt"...
  12. X

    Loop all entities?

    Hi and thanks for clicking on my post. I got this code: every 5 seconds: loop all entities: sunlight level at the loop-entity is greater than 10 ignite loop-entity for 5 seconds broadcast "Ignited 1 entity" And it is not working at all, but Skript is not giving...
  13. Jonathan Cohen

    Solved loop-value error

    Skript version: 2.2-dev36 Error: [20:55:37 ERROR]: There's no loop that matches 'loop-value' (crackskywars.sk, line 1098: set {_lvalue} to "%loop-value-3%"') Code: https://pastebin.com/Jj3ggWAL
  14. acai

    Skript Using "Loops"

    Hello! Welcome to my second tutorial. This is a very simple lesson, but I am using it in a way some people would not. We will be using loops to count players, entities, and blocks today! How do I use loops, you may ask? After an event and the correct syntax, you can use a loop. Let's start with...
  15. C

    For 40 seconds, set all arrows fired to have effects

    Hello all, I've recently started using Skript and am really stuck with how to do a few things. I'd like to have a script that does the following. (Note that this uses a custom item/handle in the first part which triggers when the item is just right clicked. This works fine and my query isn't...
  16. U

    loop items from GUI and add only items to list variable, not air

    i've been trying to find a solution for a few hours now, and i can't find anything. this is the part that generates the list variable from the GUI inventory loop 54 times: set {_loop} to loop-value - 1 set {bingo.%{_loop}%} to slot {_loop} of player's current inventory...
  17. L

    loop all players - it doesn't work

    Hey, I have a Problem with the "loop all Players" If i want to loop all Players, it only choose 1 random Player. command /forcemap [<text>]: permission: mlgffa.forcemap permission message: &cDu hast keine Rechte dafür! trigger: if {jetzt.forcemap} is false: if player's world is "FFA01"...
  18. C

    Making a cuboid with 2 variables.

    This is the code I am using: every second: loop blocks between block at {Wood.1} and block at {Wood.2}: set loop-block to jungle wood bark block Here is what happens: https://gyazo.com/4ad849d30acae72353079b6ff8ab61c8 Here is what I want to happen...
  19. B

    Solved Help with some characters can't replaced.

    Can someone help me with color format isn't replaced Method 1: #looping command /acac [<text>]: trigger: if arg is not set: set {_arg} to "null" set {_name} to "null" if arg is set: set {_arg} to "%arg%" set {_name} to "%arg%"...
  20. T

    Solved help with loop of players inventory

    So the code below is meant to check if the player is wearing the correct armor (which is does properly) then again check if the player is still wearing that armor every 5 seconds (just for testing purposes for now) the problem is that it does detect that the player has taken the armor of. The...