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  1. DankThanos

    How to make a system that removes a specific index of list and move all indexes after that down 1 step?

    I am making a /changelog command and I am trying to make a remove system, by running the command /changelog remove 2 it should remove the 2nd row of the changelog and move the rows beneath it up one step. Although, the last row doesn't seem to correctly change position. if i would have the...
  2. D

    Issues with ending a specific loop!

    Hey! Moderately new to Skript, but loving it so far!! I'm developing a sort of 4 way Capture the Flag server, with some twists, and I've written this code to manage the flag system. Essentially, when a block is placed that isn't the flag, its canceled and the player is told. When the flag is...
  3. S

    Is it possible to Loop the world that the player is currently in??

    Is it possible to Loop the world that the player is currently in??
  4. S

    looping all bungeecord players

    I am trying to give all players on my server x coins every 10 minutes of time they play. every 10 minutes: loop all bungeecord players: message "&6+1 Coin" to loop-player add 1 to network variable {network.coin.%loop-player%} The error i get is: Can't understand this loop...
  5. J

    Item Exchanger Skript

    I have an item exchange skript where you trade lower tier protection stones for higher tier ones through the GUI Issue: it only detects one protection stone in my inventory, when im actually holding 2 of them. If I move them to another slot, the trade then works and it counts as 2. loop-slots...
  6. Circuit2006

    stopping all loops

    I've tried stopping loops with, stop loop, and stop loop-2, but neither work as it states there is no loop even though the 15min is in action.
  7. G

    Execute skript the entire time that more than 15 players are online.

    This is for a random item drop skript. I want to make sure that it only works while the server is active, with more than 15 players online, I've looked for a while but can't seem to find anything that works properly. every 3 minutes: execute console command "consolecommand" stop...
  8. P

    Solved issues with loop-entity

    This code doesnt want to work for some reason: on load: loop all entities: loop-entity is cow broadcast "%loop-entity%" addons: skbee
  9. M

    Solved Prevent duplicate "while player is online:" loops

    Some time ago, I learned that on join: while player is online: #do stuff wait 5 seconds is better than every 5 seconds: loop all players: #do stuff for that player in terms of performance, which I do see. However, I noticed that if you logged out and logged on...
  10. pokw

    No loop that matches loop-value

    Not sure why it says there's no loop here, any ideas? function removeEnch(i: item, e: enchantment): loop enchantments of {_i}: add "%loop-value% %level of loop-value of {_i}%" parsed as an enchantment type to {_e::*} disenchant {_i} loop {_e::*}: if "%loop-value%"...
  11. M

    Looping and making Gui slot with a function

    Hello there so i am trying to create a loop that create gui slots with different functions. But it cannot put the right information into the function part. format slot {_i} of player with skull of {_name} named "&r" with lore "%{_name}%&7&m-" to close then run [kauctiontest(player...
  12. S

    Many different errors involving loop-player

    Im trying to make a side bar to show the players money, and i made this test sidebar but it gives 3 errors. every 1 seconds: loop all players: #Cant understand condition/effect wipe loop-player sidebar wipe loop-player sidebar #loop-player is neither an item stack...

    Furnace damage while smelting

    I want that while the furnace is melting it will deal damage to the player i tried using different triggers on smelt: - does not work on fuel burn: - does not work on join: - works all the time, even when it is not melting on smelt: wait 1 tick while player is alive: loop all...
  14. J

    Search and retrieve keyword to retrieve from list

    PLEASE DO NOT REACT TO ANYTHING BUT THE FINAL QUESTION Don't get confused by the long intro, i'm simply attempting to describe my idea, current problem and thought process. Before finally asking the one question i have deduced will allow me to succeed. INTRO BELOW Basicly what i'm imagining...
  15. Verku

    Loop players/times not working

    Hey! Ich habe seit einiger Zeit das Problem das ich keine Loop-Funktion nutzen kann. Ich benutze momentan die 1.18 Minecraft Version und dort funktioniert es nicht. In jeder anderen Version hat es funktioniert. Gab es da ein Update oder funktioniert es einfach in der Version nicht? Weil diese...
  16. ImCardiaK

    Solved Skript ne reconnais pas les Loop.

    Bonjour ! Depuis que j'utilise Skript pour la version 1.18 de Minecraft. Aucune Loop ne fonctionne. Peut-importe si la loop est: - Loop X times - loop all entities - loop all player ... Une erreur console apparaît indiquant seulement la ligne ou la loop ce situe. Pouvez-vous me dire si cela à...
  17. C

    Solved Loop blocks and players not working as expected

    I have this script set up to act as temperature using Skript, but there's an issue. If two players stand very close together next to the campfire, one of them doesn't get the variable increase. Is there anything I can do about this? every 2 ticks: loop all players: loop all blocks...
  18. A

    Loop skripts just completely broke down

    All my loop all players skripts just broke; no errors when I reload them they just don't work. Also, when I reload the file, no matter what code I write (code that normally gives errors) reloads and says no errors. 1 of my skripts: every tick: loop all players: if lore of...
  19. K

    Is it possible to execute a command with arguments every 15 seconds in Skript?

    Basicaly, here is my current skript, not working. ==================================== every 15 seconds: make console execute command "broadcast Something."
  20. S

    Solved How to get the location of the block of the looped item?

    Hello, I'm trying to develop an anti-dupe system and I need help urgently.. I want to get the location of the block of the looped item, but do not know how :/ This is my code: every 1 seconds: loop {pchest::*}: loop all items in block at loop-value: if {banneditems::*}...