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  1. 7ib0

    remove dropped items

    Hi, So i was working on a my server when i noticed a lot of dropped items on the ground... so i decided to make a skript for it, but it wont work... here is the skript i made: every 10 minutes: broadcast "&4warning: &call dropped items will be cleared in one minute!" wait 50 seconds...
  2. V

    Solved Quotation Marks inside of commands

    I'm really new to Skript and this is my first script. I'm trying to make a /keyall command but I ran into a problem with quotation marks in commands, I tried fixing it myself, but didn't make it far. command /keyall <number>: permission: command.keyall usage: /keyall amount trigger...
  3. A

    Variables cannot be used here. Please help

    In my skript this issue is occurring kindly help Issue in line else if %{chattext::%player%}% is {_message} and if %{chatspamcount::%player%}% is 5: Skript file variables: {chatspamcount::%player%} = 0 on chat: loop all players: if player has permission "spam.ignore": else if...
  4. XpelaajaX

    Chest regeneration

    Hi! im making a battle royale game! I want chest system that works like so: 1. Clicking a chest breaks it, summons particles and drops items. 2. on command /chestregen all of the broken chests can someone please help me :D and also my skript plugin is not working beacause it just freezes the...
  5. XpelaajaX

    Need help with coordinates

    Hi! I am creating a maze spawning system using structure blocks and /clone command, but i cant get the coordinates of my loop blocks the right way. I want them like this: "15 4 12",but i get them like "15,4 12,5 14,5" here's my code: command /generate: trigger: if player is a...
  6. L

    Chat issue

    So, I'm using hex colors for LuckPerms, working for all things like TAB, but on chat with the skript it just turns into random colors on chat: cancel event send "%player's prefix% &7%player% &8&l» &f%message%"
  7. E

    Solved "Or" argument in send command

    Hello im trying to make a Talking ben command that looks like this: command /ben [<text>]: trigger: if arg 1 is set: send "<%player%> Ben %arg 1%" send "<Ben> yes" or "<Ben> no" or "<Ben> eugh" or "<Ben> hohoho" else: send "<Ben> ring..."...
  8. Y

    Skript autocompact not working

    Hey, first post here, I use a 1.18.2 revivenode server with 4gb ram and every time I run this command nothing happens? options: {autocompact::%player%} = 0 command /autocompact: trigger: if {ACaccess::%player%} = true: if {autocompact::%player%} = 0: set {autocompact::%player%} to...
  9. S

    Skellett not working?? (Paper)

    Hello, I am someone who runs a server on minehut, I use a bunch of skript addons such as SkQuery, SkRayfall and SkBee. I also installed Skellett on my server which says includes on packet and so forward. Today when I was attempting to try and see how powerful a skript anticheat was. I tried to...
  10. G

    a complicated job system isn't working

    Skript Version (do not put latest): Skript 2.2 (dev20c) Skript Author: me (minecraft username: hendoodle123) Minecraft Version: 1.16.5 --- Full Code: Command /promote <player>: Permission: op Trigger: If arg-1's uuid is in {farmer::*}: Remove arg-1's uuid from {farmer::*}...
  11. C

    Solved Skript Addon works only with /reload

    Hello, I've made an Addon for Skript but I have a little issue with it... When I start my local server, the skript doesn't load the syntax ("Can't understand this condition/effect...") But, if I do a /reload, the Addon loads well ?! Please explain me why I tried : - Reinstall Server - Changing...
  12. W

    How to make tnt only explode blocks from a list

    Hello, I am trying to make a simple bedwars script, but I would like to only be able to explode blocks from a list called "{blockplaced::*}". Everything except the tnt is working. This is what I have coded so far, but the tnt explodes ALL blocks: on explode: loop exploded blocks: if...
  13. K

    Please help me fix this

    Im trying to make a crate opening skript. The code: options: {lada:1} = 322 8 {lada:2} = 373:8201 {lada:3} = 322:1 {lada:4} = 332 12 on right click with 131: if clicked block is end portal frame: cancel event remove 1 of player's tool from player set...
  14. B

    Something went horribly wrong with Skript.

    I'm trying to make a Manhunt plugin for me & my sis and something happened. I have an error for some reason for my Skript. I don't know what could be causing it as I have looked through the addons, disabling them each. Nothing seems to work. Please Help! My Skript: Error of Skript...
  15. S

    Ticket skript

    Hey i've been trying to skript a report issue system different from others like /report [<text>] without adding a [<player>] so when people report not only players but also for server issues and when they subbmit the report it sends it directly to a staff member tell them that %player% Has...
  16. I

    Hide player issue

    Hi, when I have my staffmode skript vanish on and I tp to anyone who is in another world the vanish switch off Code (example): command /vanish: trigger: if player has permission "": loop all players: if {vanish.%loop-player%} is false...
  17. DannyDxmpster


    Help! I restarted my server with several working skript commands and after the restart, none of them worked! I reinstalled the code, the plugin, even the scripts, and nothing worked! I am running the latest version of skript and everything! I also have no skript errors, everything seems to be...
  18. A

    Need help with Plugin Addon

    Ok so sorry if anything is spelled wrong I am typing this on my phone. So basically I am going to be using a plugin for my server called Lands. Now lands is a great plugin, but it is missing a key feature that I need for my server. Land Upgrades. So as an example you could upgrade a land chest...
  19. D

    Trying to make a crates skript

    So I'm trying to make a skript for crates, and I wanted to make it so you can list all the crates that exist. I also wanted to list items inside crates. I'm not sure how to do this at all though... or if there is an easy way to make anything I already made. I just need help! options: prefix...
  20. J

    New Skript - Wont work

    Hi there, I'm pretty new to Skript. This is my first attempt at something this big. It's a Skript so I can see my staff's staff chat messages from discord. It also allows me to be tagged when I get a report. What am I doing wrong here? Code: options: AnnouncementChannel...