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  1. HeliumBoi

    Solved I need help making a gen collector and need to make it so it works with essentials :)

    So the plugin is already ready here: CLICK I need to make a gen collector that can collect certain 1 block I set it to on my plot. Yes, I'm using plotsquared v7. So it has it's own currency named "fragments", I hate it because I can't see the baltop. Need to make it work with essentials. Btw...
  2. D

    I need help with making my generator skript

    So, I've got it pretty much done, apart from if you spam break and place the generator, items will flood in from each time you placed it (only when the generator is placed), can someone help?
  3. M

    Please help me with my script

    Im trying to make a gen server with placeable gens but the upgrade from tier 1 to tier 2 does not work, i cant find out why it doesn't work on right click on white glazed terracotta: if player is sneaking: if {cooldown.%player%} is true: send "%{prefix}% Slow down!"...
  4. T

    Solved Way to make skript more efficient

    I have made this code to make a random string of letters however it is very laggy. I am wondering if there is a way to make it better. command /genstring: permission: the77event.captcha trigger: set {id::*} to "A", "B", "C", "D", "E", "F", "G", "H", "I", "J", "K", "L", "M", "N"...
  5. sluhtie

    ClashRoyale, Clash of Clans and Idle Miner Tycoon (COMBO)

    )----------------------------------------[ CLASHROYALE ]----------------------------------------( Hey adventurer! Looking for something that you have never experienced before on minehut? Then this is may be interesting for you. ClashRoyale is a project I'm working on. I wanted to create...
  6. A

    Generator Skript not working

    When I restart my server all the gens lose ownership and it says that I don't own the generator. This is a modified version of someone elses skript. I've tried some testing but haven't found anything. If you want to test just use /givegen and it'll give you a wheat generator. The code is in the...
  7. P

    There's no player in a periodical event

    every 1 second in world "world": loop all players: add ({cursors::%loop-player's uuid%} * 5) * {multiplier::%loop-player's uuid%} to player's balance add ({grandmas::%loop-player's uuid%} * 40) * {multiplier::%loop-player's uuid%} to player's balance add ({farms::%loop-player's...
  8. RedDiamond

    Need help with periodical and looping (im stressed)

    Ok so i want to make a gen (kinda) skript, so basically when the player right click a music disc it will active or we can say the variable turn to true, and when its activate it will give player an iron block every 4 seconds, but the problem is im using "loop all players" and that make the every...
  9. RedDiamond

    Solved Skript not working (no effect happen)

    Hello, so i made a gens (kinda) skript and for now i made the gold and diamond one using music disc, so whe i tested it the gold one is working all of the effect is working including the part when it give player gold block, but somehow the diamond gen one is not working at all not a single...
  10. R

    My Generator Skript Stopped Working?

    I've made this skript work before but when I tested this morning it didn't? Does anyone see anything that could help? variables: {_block1} = black glazed terracotta {_block2} = white glazed terracotta {_block3} = blue glazed terracotta {_range} = 20 #COAL GEN every 5 seconds...
  11. A

    I need help in making a random block generator

    Hello i'm wondering how to make that when u right click a cd for example stal u get a random item except for bedrock. Can anyone help me?
  12. J

    Money Generator

    I'm trying to make it so every time a player places a gray glazed terracotta (money generator), it gives them $1 every 5 seconds, I want that very specific placed block to be bound to the player, so when builders destroy gray glazed terracotta it doesn't send them a message, and also, for the $1...
  13. S

    A generator script

    Category: Generator Suggested name: Spigot/Skript Version: latest 2020/3/27 What I want: A script that makes so when you place a Dirt block named (Common Generator) it says in chat: "You have placed a Generator" and every 3s it spawns a paper with the named 1$. When you break the dirt...
  14. T

    Why is my chunk size only 16x16x16 but not 16x16x256?

    I wrote this script to test how many blocks in one chunk and it resulted me on console with numerous "4096". And probably 4096 equals to 16x16x16 but 16x16x256 equals to 65536. on chunk generate: loop all blocks in event-chunk: add 1 to {_block} broadcast "%{_block}%"
  15. PatoFrango

    Key Generator

    This function generates a random key (using numbers and lower, upper case letters) with a given amount of characters. Code: function genKey(l: number) :: text: set {_abc} to "aAbBcCdDeEfFgGhHiIjJkKlLmMnNoOpPqQrRsStTuYvVwWxXyYzZ" loop {_l} times: set {_t} to random integer...
  16. glowgrew

    Script ✪ OreSense ✪ Easily generate ores in a few lines. 1.0

    About: This script allows you to create easily ore generators, like CosmicPrisons. Features: Light Weight - 31 lines (w/out commands); Easy - just one command to setup a generator. Soft Depend: Skript SkQuery Skellett Setup: Just one command: /mine setup, then place a generator. That's all...
  17. Tlatoani

    Addon MundoSK 1.8.5

    Announcement: MundoSK will be splitting up into a few smaller addons in the future. If you are looking to use MundoSK right now, this shouldn't affect your usage, just that sometime in the future you will need to replace MundoSK with a new addon(s). This won't change how any of your scripts are...