Solved I need help making a gen collector and need to make it so it works with essentials :)

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Sep 15, 2023
So the plugin is already ready here: CLICK
I need to make a gen collector that can collect certain 1 block I set it to on my plot.
Yes, I'm using plotsquared v7.

So it has it's own currency named "fragments", I hate it because I can't see the baltop.
Need to make it work with essentials.

Btw I'm new on this community and I'm currently learning if you have suggestions where I can learn it please tell me!


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Well this script is truly working, so thx. I always try to find something new for myself. I also like to look for something new if we talk about scripts, as implementing scripts into programs can be really funny. Thus recently i have found webinar script for myself, as you know, webinars are huge part of my job and i need to make them as useful as possible for other people, so i try to do everything to make webinars more attractive, and i must also say that using scripts for webinars, make the all webinar truly simple. Hey, who needs all of these tons of redundant things, while you can just concentrate on really important stuff, right?
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