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  1. V

    tuske skript errors

    So i writed a Tuske gui skript but i am getting the error : Can't understand this condition/effect full error link: here code: here
  2. D

    Severe Error Skript

    My plugin gives this error in console recently i think it has something to do with my scoreboard but i dont now exactly. So if someone nows how to fix this please reply [20:02:14 ERROR]: #!#! [20:02:14 ERROR]: #!#! [Skript] Severe Error: [20:02:14 ERROR]: #!#! [20:02:14 ERROR]: #!#! Something...
  3. Duetro

    Script SkriptEnhanced 2.07

    Enhanced error output: Read the file and find the mistake ingame! Autocomplete for Skript: Autocomplete for scripts even in subdirectories! Better colors: Can be partially disabled! Backup System: Create a backup of all scripts withhin milliseconds! Update System: Check...
  4. R

    Solved Loop all items in player's inventory

    Hi, I am trying to do a skript that loops items in player's inventory and then it adds it to a yml file. The problem is that when I reload my skript, an error appears saying "Can't understand this type of loop: "loop all items in player's inventory", etc". First I did something like this and I...
  5. P

    Solved Why is it not working?

    variables: {case} = false {jutalom} = 0 command /case: trigger: if {case} is false: if player's money is more than 9999: set {case} to true remove 10000 from the player's balance broadcast "&5A mágusraktár áldás...
  6. Spartan9802

    Infernal mobs error with skript

    Hello, I have a mistake with infernal mobs I think it's related to skript can you help me? My error: 30.08 22:02:40 [Server] ERROR The server has stopped responding! 30.08 22:02:40 [Server] ERROR Please report this to 30.08 22:02:40 [Server] ERROR Be sure to include ALL...
  7. Spartan9802

    Error Skript "$"

    Good evening, I post here because I found a mistake on skript, I would like other people to test with their versions I use Skgnt 2.2-dev25 of Bensku. I also speak very bad English: / My error code: command /test: trigger: set {_text} to "My Test $" set {_format} to...
  8. Vexio

    SkellettProxy issues w/ OvH Box

    Hello! So, currently I own an OVH Box and I have some Minecraft servers hooked up to it using Multicraft as a panel. I am attempting to make SkellettProxy to work with my Bungeecord, however it is just straight-up not working. NOTE BEFORE READING MORE: I have ran the EXACT same versions of...
  9. Adrihun

    Solved Where to download SkAction

    I need SkAction so i can change the prefix of a player. When i went on the download page, it redirected me to here: and.... "The requested page could not be found." So please, if you have the...
  10. Adrihun

    Solved skQuery spam error

    When I kick a player with kick player due to "test" skQquery gives me a big error message in console (once). Also, when players get kicked for using world downloader, the same thing happens (i'm using AntiWDL plugin from spigot) Here is the error Message: [17:07:25 ERROR]: Could not pass...
  11. Adrihun

    Solved Skellett / SkelettProxy Broke!

    Skript Version: Skript 2.2 (dev25) Skript Author: Someone Minecraft Version: 1.8.8 Console Errors: Bungee ---> Lobby-1 ---> Addons using (including versions): Skelett (Latest), MundoSK (Latest), SkDragon (Latest)...
  12. Duetro

    Help with UmbAccess

    Hey, i am currently making some Websites for my Server using UmbAccess. I am always getting this error when trying to send 8193 Characters (8192 are working) [18:43:48] [Server thread/WARN]: [Umbaska] [Fail] Failed to send back the string `X to web server on port 8315 [18:43:48] [Server...
  13. J

    MundoSK Join Error (HELP)

    MundoSK: 1.7.4 Skript: 2.1 Server: Paperspigot 1.9.4 ProtocolLib: 4.1.0 I need help :( Thank you for your interest.
  14. Thomas Hansen


    Hi my name is Thomas. When i try to use fx /sk reload all. it says: And in my console it says: Nothing works. Pls help
  15. N

    WorldGuard/Skript "Internal Error" Issue

    Hey guys, I'm pretty stumped on this one. I've been using skript for a long time and just recently, one of my skripts broke. A location skript, which effectively returns the name of the region the person is standing in or returns "N/A" if not in any region suddenly stopped working. Now...
  16. danielkp1234

    saving kills from minecraft to mysql to website

    Skript Version: Skript 2.2 Fixes V8b Skript Author: i dont know Minecraft Version: craftbukkit 1.8.9 --- Full Code: Errors on Reload: no Console Errors: 3597: set {_r} to randomize "abcdefgh123456789!@##$+"') [16:42:40 WARN]: Den angivne...
  17. danielkp1234

    Error while reloading skript with worldguard

    hello i installed worldguard on my server when i do /sk reload all i get this error
  18. A

    Solved WildSkript Change Skin Error

    Skript version: v2.2-dev23. Mc version: Spigot 1.8.8 (with ViaVersion) Console error, caused by WildSkript's change skin effect. I know for sure this is WildSkript's change skin effect. As soon as I added this code, the error began to occur whenever a player joined. Also, looking in the error...
  19. T

    Problem with Skript, SkQuery and SkRayFall

    Hi! I have problem, when I download Skript, SkQuery or SkRayFall newest versions to my server they are not working. Skript will not generate folder where I can put scripts and when i do /plugins, there are not those plugins. Few days ago they worked perfectly, but it...
  20. kenkencw

    Solved skellett error

    MC Version: Spigot 1.9.4 Skript: bensku dev 19 addons: - skstuff v1.6.3.7 - Tuske - SkRayFall v1.9.5 - SkQuery by gatt (11 May 2016) - Skellett v1.7.8 - Wild Skript 1.9 i need skellett's stylish scoreboard, so i updated to latest version, v1.6.8 is no problem at all once updated...