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  1. xWires

    Solved An error occurred while trying to load a structure.

    When trying to use scripts I get "An error occurred while trying to load a structure." in the console, and I can't use any of my scripts other than one that just sends a message every 4 minutes. I also am struggling to get TuSKe to work and I don't know whether that is related or not, so I've...
  2. M

    Skript crashing server and not working.

    Skript can be found below: # Cooldown Skript v1.0 # Created by Skptical # A simple cooldown API that utilizes the bossbar # to show a counting down cooldown for specific items or abilities. # # Requirements: # - Skellete # - Skript # Global variables # Can be changed to adjust the...
  3. M

    skrayfall ERORR

    I added skrayfall to the server, but it keeps getting errors. MY mincraft version is 1.16.5 java version is 11 bukkit is Arclight My skript version is 2.6.4 [Server thread/ERROR] [Minecraft/]: Error occurred while enabling skRayFall v1.9.25 (Is it up to date?)...
  4. M


    whenever i try to do this skript which downloads a certain file using SkUtilities command /download <text>: trigger: set {url} to arg-1 set {file} to "plugins/Skript/scripts/" skutil download file from "%{url}%" to file "plugins/Skript/scripts" if...
  5. stop all sounds

    command /1: trigger: stop all sounds at player why this code isn't working? skript 2.6.4 SkBee, skDragon, Skellett, SkQuery, skRayFall, Skript, skript-reflect, skript-votifier-hook*, Skungee, skUtilities*
  6. M

    Solved Skript error during a condition

    I would like to check if the variable is already created if it's not created, then create it but I get an error in the console: on join: if {pb::%player%} is not set: set {pb::%player%} to 0 error:
  7. iFammYT

    Solved Empty Configuration Section

    Hi, Im trying to make a simple queue for a sumo skript im making. I recieved errors about empty configurations. What should i do? command /sumo: trigger: if {Sumo::*} does not contain player: add player to {Sumo::*} send "&eYou have joined the &3Sumo &equeue" to player else: remove...
  8. T

    Selected hotbar slot

    Hello, I have a problem with the set current hotbar slot of player to 0, the problem is that it doesn't works and in reload its says that the hotbar slot of player can't be set to 0 because the latter is not an slot
  9. S

    Many different errors involving loop-player

    Im trying to make a side bar to show the players money, and i made this test sidebar but it gives 3 errors. every 1 seconds: loop all players: #Cant understand condition/effect wipe loop-player sidebar wipe loop-player sidebar #loop-player is neither an item stack...
  10. A

    Not being able to send to player

    I'm new to Skript and I'm trying a simple script that only sends a message when the player used the command, /test. In the test command I have send "hello" to player but I get a huge Skript error in the console: dockerserver-minecraft-1 | [02:09:43] [Server thread/ERROR]: #!#...
  11. B

    Help with error and plugin

    im making an origins plugin for a server and i need to improve some bugs. one of which is the On Hand Item Swap event. it just wont work. also ive tried everything to cancel fall damage for an origins plugin and i just keep having fall dmg it would also be useful to know how to take dmg in...
  12. B

    Aliases Skript Error

    I have had a good time, making my server. But then this weird error existed... Whenever i reload my Aliases config, using "/sk reload aliases". Then the server crashes... I don't have the slightest idea, about what this is... I would love to get some help with it My latest.log...
  13. SWOEN

    Solved Console is not executing command

    Hello! I was making some skript's when I saw no "execute console command "/example"" was working. I have tried doing this: command /executeconsolecommandtest: trigger: console command "say hello" and command /executeconsolecommandtest2: trigger: make console execute...
  14. F

    Database skript error

    Skript Version (do not put latest): Skript 2.6.2 Skript Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: git-Purpur-1171 (MC: 1.16.5) Full Code: # ==== Variables ==== databases: # Databases to store variables in. These can either be used as a simple one-server-storage # where variables are written...
  15. Circuit2006

    Death counter 1.18.2

    I am VERY new to this skripting stuff and I am trying to setup a basic Death counter, This is the code could anyone explain to me why it isn't working? variables: {%player%.deaths} = 0 {%player%.total_deaths} = 0 on join: broadcast "Welcome %player% to the server!" set...
  16. Builder4Life

    bosssystem | no errors but boss is not spawning

    #This skript is made by MightyTiger options: #names prefix: &9&lAppolloboxx shark: &9&lShark &bBoss devil: &4&lDevil &cBoss darkknight: &5&lDarkKnight &dboss sandstormer: &6SandStormer &eBoss #item drops sharkdrop: prismarine crystals named "&b&lShark Fragment" sharkdropname...
  17. C

    Solved Loop blocks and players not working as expected

    I have this script set up to act as temperature using Skript, but there's an issue. If two players stand very close together next to the campfire, one of them doesn't get the variable increase. Is there anything I can do about this? every 2 ticks: loop all players: loop all blocks...
  18. L

    Solved Set redstone lamp to "activated" error

    Hi, I'm trying to make a skript that when it's 18:00, the redstone lamp will activate (glow), but I dont know how to do it, I tried SO MANY times, but nothing happened. Any help is appreciated :)
  19. L

    Solved Help with right click

    Hi , I have a problem with right click, basically , when a player right click with the item, it does work well, but if the items are 2, it does not work. on right click on dirt: if tool of player is stick: if name of tool of player is "example": make console execute...
  20. M

    Skript variable load error - from the database 'MySQL', because it cannot be loaded as a location

    Hello there i am having this skript error :: [15:32:39 ERROR]: #!#! Unable to load (all) variables: [15:32:39 ERROR]: #!#! Cannot load the variable {treefarmtp} from the database 'MySQL', because it cannot be loaded as a location [15:32:39 ERROR]: #!#! Cannot load the variable {apvpmine.toptp}...