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  1. HeliumBoi

    How to drop enchanted item ?

    So i have this code and it has error, it doesnt drop the item with given enchant protection 1. and I want the enchant to be hidden too but lmk if you guys know how to do that. on death of zombie: set {_randomvalue} to random number between 1 and 10 set {_deathvalue} to victim's...
  2. S

    Please delete.

    Please delete.
  3. C

    I need a skript...

    I need a skript so when you break a cobweb it doesnt give you anything Sorry for bad english
  4. S

    Solved Custom item drop

    options: fthe_blocks: stone, diorite ... set {_fthe_blocks_random::*} to split "{@fthe_blocks}" at ", " set {_fthe_blocks} to random element out of {_fthe_blocks_random::*} send "%{_fthe_blocks}%" drop {_fthe_blocks} at location 64, 2, -348 in...
  5. A

    Custom Mob Drops (With Items From Other Plugins)

    I am using a plugin called Vouchers (Link Here: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/vouchers.13654/). I want the mobs to drop an item from the Vouchers plugin. If someone could please experiment and just give me a basic code on how to do it, it would be very helpful. Much appreciated for any...
  6. FistoF

    Solved Item dropped on water

    How to detect when when a dropped item hits water?
  7. M

    Drop effect not working

    Hello! I am trying something where when a creeper dies it drops something. Luckily there is already an example. on death of creeper: drop 1 tnt I do this, and the creeper does not drop anything. This is the example used on the github, but why does it not work?
  8. T

    Permission based player head drops

    Hi, what I'm trying to do is set up a script that checks if a player has a specific permission, and then drops one of three player heads based on that permission. So if they have the skript.team1 permission, they drop the Team 1 leader's head etc. However I'm having trouble getting any entity to...
  9. L

    drop party enchant fail

    so in the bottom, you can see what I drop and this is a beacon drop/drop party script but I cant enchant the drops :( command /dpsstart: permission: beacon.drop permission message: Unknown command. Type "/help" for help. trigger: set {dp::start} to true send "Beacon...
  10. J

    Solved Variable not working

    My skript is not functioning the way it should be. It is meant for getting custom mob drops depending on the looting level of the player's sword. It only drops 1 pork chop, no matter which looting level is applied. if victim is pig: if colored name of victim is "&7Pig &8(&c1&8)"...
  11. P

    Solved On death cancel drop

    How can I do this? on death of player: don't drop anything
  12. P

    Solved Drop an item in front of the player

    How can I do if a player clicks with an item, an another item drops/spawn in front of the player? I tried this: on rightclick: player is holding vines named "Varázsgyökér": player is sneaking: drop a diamondsword in front of the player's head The distance from the player...
  13. Lukhausen

    Script Head Sale 1.0 2017-03-24

    Head Sale SK: With this little Skript you can kill various mobs and players and get their skull to sell it for money again! Requires: - Skript Permissions: - HeadSale.sign (for creating the sale signs) Usage: You can use this Skript and change it. You don’t have to credit me xD If you have...
  14. xGrow

    Solved Two questions, Skript

    1º Question: How i can know what was a player's tools what the player was using to cancel drop or clear drop?: Like this: on drop: if player's tool is a bowl: wait 5 ticks clear dropped items 2º Question: How i can put a number of items in variable to give a player when he...