Permission based player head drops

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Thunder Dong

Apr 17, 2020
Hi, what I'm trying to do is set up a script that checks if a player has a specific permission, and then drops one of three player heads based on that permission. So if they have the skript.team1 permission, they drop the Team 1 leader's head etc. However I'm having trouble getting any entity to drop an item at all, for example if I use the example creeper script on the wiki:

on death of creeper:
drop 1 TNT

Nothing happens at all, the creeper just dies normally and that's it. Unless I'm missing something vital here that should work? Either way if anyone can help me make a script that checks for each team permission and drops the relevant head that'd be great. It's also vital that members of team 1 can't kill other members of team 1 to get team 1 leader skulls because I'd like to prevent farming in this manner.

I tried to make a simple script (below) but I get an error saying it doesn't recognise the condition/effect on the last line, anyone know why?
on death of player:
attacker doesn't have permission "headdrop.norse"
victim has permission "headdrop.norse"
drop the skull of %adels%
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