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  1. Radicc

    Rename broken blocks

    i tried to make a skript with skulls and when you broke a skull it would rename it to the name it had before it was placed on place: id of event-block = 144 set {skull::%event-block%} to location of event-block set {skull::%event-block%::name} to name of event-block set...
  2. FoxCraftGaming

    Solved Need help with player skulls

    alright so, i want to make it when a player join, they get ther own skull in slot 0 (fist slot) named vrienden menu (dutch for friends menu). but i dont get it working with onw player head. anyone ideas how to make it? on join: send "%player% has joined the network" to console player's...
  3. D

    Roulette - Place Skull

    Hey! I am making a Roulette-System but I wanted to do it fanzy :) The System in common is complete ( The Blocks are randomly rolling in a circle..) but I wanted it to look like this ( but I dont know how to place Skulls trough Skript. Pls Help ^^
  4. N

    How to place a skull with a command.

    command /locationsetall [<text>]: trigger: if player is op: set {location::skull::1} to location of player command /location [<text>] [<text>]: trigger: if player is op: if arg 1 is "set": set block at {location::skull::1} to floor...
  5. MarceLOL

    Problem with skull's skin

    I'm creating my first server, so I don't have any experience with skripts, I'd like a little of help here: It's a script for placing skull+fence when a player dies, just like in uhc games. The script: on death of player: set block at location of victim to nether brick fence set block at...
  6. T

    Permission based player head drops

    Hi, what I'm trying to do is set up a script that checks if a player has a specific permission, and then drops one of three player heads based on that permission. So if they have the skript.team1 permission, they drop the Team 1 leader's head etc. However I'm having trouble getting any entity to...
  7. DellCraftHD

    Player skull

    I want to give the player, the joint, a certain head with a certain name, how does that work? This not works: on join: give *Name*'s skull named "Name" to player
  8. NickalphaHD

    Problem with give /skull <skullname>

    Skript Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: 1.8.8 --- Full Code: Errors on Reload: none Console Errors: none Screenshots: Update: When I reload the Server and I execute first "/skulls chest" I get a chest Skull and when I Execute "/skulls enderman" I...
  9. Runakai

    Solved Add/Remove Player's Skull in GUI

    Hey, it's me again... I didn't know how to describe my problem in the title, so it may be misleading. command /report [<player>] [<text>]: trigger: if arg 1 is not set: message "&8[&cReport&8] &7Bitte gebe einen Namen ein" stop if arg 2 is not set...
  10. Tinkot

    Found some nice solid skinheads for whoever needs them

    Are you looking for solid colored heads for your gui? I found a few players that have a solid colored skin and didn't play for a long time. Its not likely that they change their skin. Pls let me know if you know a better method of doing this. I am interested in that! code: command /colors...
  11. L

    Solved Help with skull in gui

    Hi, i have the problem of the skull in gui is rotate for direction of player i need that the skull rotate to opposite direction of player command /info [<player>]: trigger: if arg 1 is not set: open chest with 1 rows named "&aTienda" to player wait 1 tick...
  12. L

    Solved Creating GUI That Shows Heads Of Online Players

    I'm trying to create a moderator tool that allows me to view a GUI that shows me the heads of all online players, and then if I were to click on a head it would teleport me to that player. I haven't bothered trying to code the click/teleport function, because I am so far unable to get showing...
  13. Selvati

    Solved How to give a custom skull

    I am aware that you can easily give and use a specific player's head with it's skin in a gui using the code below. command /selvati: trigger: give player skull of ("Selvati" parsed as offline player) I would like to know how to use custom skulls in a gui and even give them to a...
  14. ChisleLP

    Script Head Database 1

    Do you want get any Heads without searching in explorer? There you go. It's simple - just run /head and you will see a GUI with 9 different categories Addons Requirements: -reqn (For getting Skull from Web) -Skript-Json (For making your life easier!) -Skellett (For GUI) Currently available...
  15. F

    Solved Help with skull

    format slot 1 of player with FridiousHD's skull named "&4Owner &7| &4FridiousHD" to be unstealable It don't know what is wrong? Thank you :)
  16. Lukhausen

    Script Head Sale 1.0 2017-03-24

    Head Sale SK: With this little Skript you can kill various mobs and players and get their skull to sell it for money again! Requires: - Skript Permissions: - HeadSale.sign (for creating the sale signs) Usage: You can use this Skript and change it. You don’t have to credit me xD If you have...
  17. DonaldTrump

    Solved Getting the name of a Skull

    I need something that messages the skull owner's name of a skull palced on the ground when rightclicked. Can anybody help?