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  1. 5jgk

    Random integer

    So im tryna make a random integer thingy like this This is my code every 1 tick: set {_1} to 5 set {_2} to 10 set {_random} to random integer between {_1} and {_2} every {random} minutes: loop all players: if "%region at loop-player%" contains "afk": so idk how to do...
  2. A

    Setting tool to as many items as a variable skript

    So I made this code: on right click: if the player's held item is a wooden hoe named "&6Pistol": remove 1 from {pistolchamber.%player%} set the player's tool to {pistolchamber.%player%} wooden hoes named "&6Pistol" damage the target entity by 4 And I was wondering...
  3. XpelaajaX

    Need help with coordinates

    Hi! I am creating a maze spawning system using structure blocks and /clone command, but i cant get the coordinates of my loop blocks the right way. I want them like this: "15 4 12",but i get them like "15,4 12,5 14,5" here's my code: command /generate: trigger: if player is a...
  4. D

    How do I make it so players can only break a certain block that they placed?

    on place of hay block: if player's tool is hay block named "&e&lWheat Gen" with lore "&7-----&8-----" and "&7Produces wheat every 10 seconds" and "&7Upgrade cost: &e500⛃" and "&7-----&8-----": set {gens::%location of event-block%} to uuid of player if {gens::%player's uuid%} < 10...
  5. J

    Block states/data values of water

    Hi all, I made a mobgen skript that works fine until you put the gen under the water. Normally the gen requires players to be sneaking to remove the gen so they dont remove it accidentally, however when the gen is under the water it allows them to break it as for some reason in "On block break"...
  6. S

    How Do I make trap command? Help please!

    I want to make a trap command were you can do /trap <Player> <Time> and it puts glass all around then for a certain amount of time and then goes back to normal. I found my skript has some problems to it. 1. If the player is jumping there is no floor because I dont know how to save block data...
  7. Circuit2006

    Death counter 1.18.2

    I am VERY new to this skripting stuff and I am trying to setup a basic Death counter, This is the code could anyone explain to me why it isn't working? variables: {%player%.deaths} = 0 {%player%.total_deaths} = 0 on join: broadcast "Welcome %player% to the server!" set...
  8. I

    Sinseeker Scythe

    Hello everyone. I am trying to develop a script for the "Sinseeker Scythe" found on Hypixel. Link to what it looks like: (Minikloon, a Hypixel admin.). Unfortunately, I have run into errors with my own script. It will only draw one line at a time, not multiple. Any solutions? Thanks -...
  9. Haloxx

    How can i make my code look cleaner?

    i have this long annoying code and it works but it looks like a 5 year old made it on mine of any ore: player is sneaking: if event-block is iron ore: cancel event loop blocks in radius 2 around event-block: if loop-blocks is iron ore: loop blocks in radius 2...
  10. Haloxx

    Why is my code not working?

    i have this code to break looped blocks but it says that it doesnt know what loop blocks in radius means and it says this
  11. G

    Solved Please help me with this! I need it!

    Hey! Im making a clicker type server, where if you kill mobs, you get multi. Here comes the part that i need you to code. I want to make like gens wich you place down, it will start spawning mobs. Many thanks if you can make it!
  12. G

    Can someone skript this for me? Please

    Im making a pvp game, where you can buy cobwebs. And you place it down, i want to remove it after 20 seconds so its not staying there forever. Its block block decay. Can someone do it?
  13. Jonathan Cohen

    Solved loop-value error

    Skript version: 2.2-dev36 Error: [20:55:37 ERROR]: There's no loop that matches 'loop-value' (, line 1098: set {_lvalue} to "%loop-value-3%"') Code:
  14. H

    Solved help me with my puzzle

    command /addblocks: trigger: loop all blocks in radius 10 around player: if loop-block is red wool: add location of loop-block to {red::*} broadcast "%{red::*}%" else if loop-block is white wool: add location of...
  15. R

    Compass tracker skript

    So I am making a skript that tracks a player when the compass is right clicked, and I am having trouble with the conditional in the skript. command /track <player>: description: Use this command to track a player by right clicking with a compass...
  16. R

    Solved How should I put code in a thread?

    I am very new to the forums and I have seen many people make threads with their code in a box titled: "Code (text):" This is a very clean way of putting the code in a thread and I was wondering how to do it when writing a thread.
  17. SwiftSwordMC

    NPC storage system

    Hey everyone, so I'm fairly new to skript and there's many things I have no idea about but basically I'm trying to make an npc that on right click, opens a chest gui that contains 2 items: 1 cauldron labeled "Small Personal Vault" and gold horse armor labeled "Upgrade Vault". If you click the...
  18. Jooby

    Solved GUI (Player Heads)

    I have a working GUI after using /staff or /sg - I have the player head slot set up to bring up the /staffmembers gui, which will then have the heads of my staff members. This works fine. However, when I reload the skript after running the code, these errors are present; "Can't understand...
  19. NeonFox__


    Hello! I'm making a granting ranks GUI and I am not too sure how to make a confirmation page. So like when you click a rank it shows a red or green button to confirm. here is a part of the code: command /SetRank1 [<offline player>]: aliases: /SR1 , /sk1 permission: system.rank...
  20. T

    Solved Clicker Not Working (Variables)

    when I do /bal even after clicking with the button it shows <none> anyone know? Skript: options: money: 0 price: 10 command /start: trigger: if {start.%player%} is not set: send "&b---Start---" give 1 oak button named "&b&lClicker Button" to player...