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  1. IViddyy

    Solved Removing Blocks Around Player

    Hi im trying to make a command that can be turned on and off and removes blocks in a 5 block radius while on.But i dont know how to remove blocks around the player so can someone help?
  2. saad3mad

    problem with my skript

    hey, i'm trying to make the note block useless i want it like a regular block, the main idea is to make new blocks out of note block, now there is a cool thing if u edit the blockstates of note block in the resourse pack you could add a texture to the note block for example: "variants": {...
  3. A

    Looping too many blocks crashes server

    I am creating a mini-game using skript. Bad news, I am trying to loop blocks in radius 180+ around a block and my server crashes because of the skript checking for many blocks on command /test: permission:op trigger: set {test} to 184 set {test2} to {test} -2 loop...
  4. Skizzors

    Help with custom blocks.

    I'm trying to recreate titanium from hypixel skyblock inside of skript, but I have no way of determining whether they broke the block i want instead of a placed polished diorite. Here's my code so far: options: block: polished diorite name: "test" on break of ancient debris: chance...
  5. T

    Solved Amount of blocks within 2 locations without loops?

    Hello! So I was wondering if there was a way to check the amount of blocks within 2 locations without using loops? What I mean is something like this:set {_count} to amount of {_block} within {loc1} and {loc2} That would obviously not work but is there something that could do it?
  6. C

    Solved Spawn a mob on block break.

    So I wan't to make it so a zombie has a 5% chance of spawning when someone breaks stone.
  7. Ter2FIc

    Auto Removing Blocks

    The Reason Why: I want to make Survival Server but I don't want the maps to get messy. And also, I'm not good at making skripts.:emoji_sob: What I want to see: ⁕Blocks that player placed automatically disappear after 5 mins. ⁕The blocks won't disappear if the bed is connected ( the blocks that...
  8. S

    Solved A variable can carry a block ?

    E.g. save an event-block into a list variable {block::*}. It's possible ? Because I'm not getting. on place: add event-block to {blocks::*} on break: loop all blocks in {blocks::*}: broadcast "%loop-block%" Doesn't broadcast. Works if I change to: on break: loop {blocks::*} ...
  9. S

    Solved Just why did you that ? (Blocks)

    For creator of Skript: Why did you change all names of minecraft blocks in %block% ? I'm creating a way to be mobs with Skript, now I'm creating enderman abilities to players use. The ability of take blocks of world and place it again shouldn't be hard, but the names of blocks in Skript...
  10. J

    Money Generator

    I'm trying to make it so every time a player places a gray glazed terracotta (money generator), it gives them $1 every 5 seconds, I want that very specific placed block to be bound to the player, so when builders destroy gray glazed terracotta it doesn't send them a message, and also, for the $1...
  11. WeeHee

    Solved Campfire or block rotation / facing.

    How do I change the facing of a block or more specific a campfire?
  12. J

    Add Damage To A Block Help

    I don't have any skripts to show, but how can i add damage to a block using set block to large fern I want to use damage like the minecraft command: /setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:tallgrass {Damage:1}
  13. LimeGlass

    Addon Khoryl 1.1.2

    Documentation | Github | Bug reports A Skript addon dedicated to doing things Skript can't. Due to the way Skript's API is designed, you can't determine types during script parsing, so Khoryl does that for you during runtime. Features: Entity support (Every entity soon) Wolf Zombie drowned...
  14. B

    Solved Loop between blocks

    Hey is there a way to loop all blocks between 2 cords in a square selection? I tried loop blocks between block at x and x: but that only loops the blocks between the 2 cords, I'm trying to loop the blocks in a square like matter like /fill, can anyone help? bump Solved, I did blocks within...
  15. EWS

    Useful vanilla Skript functions

    Here is a list of some functions which do plenty of useful stuff (mostly with numbers). Most of them are made by me. Round to x decimal cases Does what Skript's built-in function should do, rounds to the amount of decimal places you want. Code: Usage: Format number Formats a number so it can...
  16. Ayham Alali

    Script ♦ Animated Blocks Plus ♦ Make your server become alive [Config] [1.8 - 1.12] [OPEN SOURCE] 1.2.1

    Read the whole page before purchasing Join our Discord for support [!] This script can be downloaded from Github [!] Animated Blocks Plus: is a Custom Skript made by Ayham Alali, and he decided to share it with you :emoji_slight_smile: Why Plus? Well, Take a look at Features...
  17. I

    Solved Auto Resetting Arena

    I want to make a system kinda like Badlion Arena, whenever a game ends it would remove all the blocks. How in hell do I do this?! Help is welcomed :emoji_slight_smile::emoji_stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
  18. F

    Solved Random Block in Loop Radius

    Hey! I've been trying to make a skript, but I ran into a problem that I can't solve. (Been using skript for about 2 weeks) How could I loop blocks in radius 5 of player and then select a random block from the looped blocks and I used "on any movement:" from SkQuery, but I'd like to change that...