block break

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  1. J1nx1l

    Solved Looping mined blocks then setting to specific block.

    I need some assistance with adding blocks to a variable when you break them. After you break them the command should set them back to the original ore but I can't figure it out and there is no threads on it. on break: if gamemode of player is survival: if event-block is diamond ore...
  2. U

    How do I track blocks being broken by the block below it?

    Hi, I have a block (that is breakable when the block below it is broken). It needs to remove some entities around it and drop a custom item when breaking it. I use `on break` for that. However, if I break the block below it, the `on break` event doesn't run. How can I circumvent that? Thanks.
  3. J

    Solved I don't know what i did wrong. Can someone help me?

    Hello! I need help with one of my Skripts i have constructed. I just began using variables but i don't know what i did wrong because it does not work. Can you help? options: {Superhand::%player%} = 1 {SuperhandEnabled::%player%} = false command /superhand <number>: trigger...
  4. KingDooms

    How to disable a ton of certain blocks from breaking?

    So i'm trying to make it so when you "try" to break a block you don't have the tool for, it doesn't work, in this case it will be wood and when i mean wood i mean literally every single wood type, and there's over a hundred of em'. So how do I make it? This is what i've tried. command...
  5. N

    Check if block is one of many specified blocks

    How can i check if a block is one out of some different specified blocks? Doing this for example is a bit long and time consuming: on mine of stone: <the rest of the code> on mine of coal ore: <the rest of the code>
  6. D

    i need help with break thing

    So i need help with when i break a block, it will give you the block that got breaked but not break the block if you understand on break of any cobblestone: give @p 1 cobblestone like that, but the "on break of any cobbelstone:" does not work
  7. C

    Solved Saving Who Placed What Beacon

    I am trying to save who placed what beacon for a game. When the beacon is broken the team only has one more life similar to bedwars. I'm a beginner and am sourcing most of my stuff off of the docs but I could not find anything that is like this. I was trying stuff with saving it to variables but...
  8. K

    Define a placed block

    So I've been trying to make a skript that makes a block such as dirt to have multiple drops. (basically a separate type of block) I've tried variables such as: on place: set {grass::%event-block%} to true on break: if {grass::%event-block%} is true: chance of 60%...
  9. dergrosehd

    Solved Help with block break event

    I am looking for a method to break a block only with specific items on break of a stone: damaged wooden pickaxe: cancel event damaged stone pickaxe: cancel event # it's true send "Now its right" add 1 to {variable::minedstone::%player%}
  10. T

    particle effect

    Category: block breaking Suggested name: Spigot/Skript Version: 1.12+ What I want: I want a skript that does that when I right click a block it spawns in particles as if I broke it. Ideas for commands: none Ideas for permissions: none When I'd like it by: within a couple days...
  11. Claver01

    Block stage break ? help

    Skript Version (do not put latest): Skript 2.2 Fixes V8B.jar Skript Author: Me Minecraft Version: 1.8.x There is a plugin "betterblock" What the plugin does is that it saves the block process and it can change the block process...
  12. S

    block break delay

    Hello, world I am new, sry if dumb question, also eng is not my native lang... anyway, how could i have delay between blocks changing (10 sec)? on block break: if event-block is a 2025:14: set {_newBlock} to event-block set event-block to a westerosblocks stone block 0:14...
  13. Sitieno14

    Script BreakPlaceBlock 0.1

    Rules: - Please don't remove "Plugin made by Sitieno14" - Don't sell this plugin - You are free to share this plugin with anyone, but do not claim the plugin as yours Contact: - Skype: sitieno14 Please if you find a bug contact me on skype reporting it and i will fix it with a new version...