Addon ZulfBungee v0.9.9-pre6

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Bug fixes

- Done some work to hopefully fix crashes like #36 and #35.

Potential known issues
- If you get an error on the proxy relating to the database, please report it!
Bug fixes
- Channel connections should be much more stable now, but this needs some testing!
- Most other crashes should have been fixed too.

Code changes
- Refactoring of how the proxy loads the plugin, much less messy.

As always, please report issues!
Full Changelog: https://github.com/Zulfen/ZulfBungee/compare/v0.9.9-pre3...v0.9.9-pre4
Bug fixes
- Connections should gracefully close now, so no more async errors in console I hope!
- Fix potential crash with channel connections

Full Changelog: https://github.com/Zulfen/ZulfBungee/compare/v0.9.9-pre2...v0.9.9-pre3
Bug fixes
- Fixes potential incorrect disconnects due to wrong configuration which is actually fine.

Full Changelog: https://github.com/Zulfen/ZulfBungee/compare/v0.9.9-pre1...v0.9.9-pre2
Pre-release version for testing.
Bug fixes
- Fixes the on proxy player connect event firing while switching servers on Velocity.
- Fixes potential network variable errors.
New features:
- Syntax to register and deregister servers from the proxy dynamically:
- register [a] [new] server [with the proxy] [(named|called)] %string% with (IP|address) %string% [and] [with] port %number%
- (de|un)register [a] server [from the proxy] [(named|called)] %string%

As ever, report bugs if needed!

Full Changelog: https://github.com/Zulfen/ZulfBungee/compare/v0.9.8...v0.9.9-pre1
Adds lots of new features!
Check here for the changelog: