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  1. L

    Solved Does anyone knows how to install Skungee on Velocity?

    I installed skungee addon and set up configurations, but nothing is working correctly. First of all, command bar always giving me error, whatever i input in it. And also, network variables not save, giving a <none>, when I trying to message the variable. Is there any tutorials how to properly...
  2. Zulfen

    Addon ZulfBungee v0.9.9-pre6

    An all in one addon for controlling players and servers on your proxy with Skript! GitHub can be found here: This addon is in alpha, so expect some issues! It supports these platforms currently: Proxy BungeeCord / Waterfall Velocity (experimental!)...
  3. Z

    Skungee not working on Velocity server

    Hi! I have Velocity paper server 1.17.1 I installed skungee addon and set up configurations and all.. And now I've faced a lot of problems. These 2 lines are working just fine: connect {_p} to server "survival" set {_players::*} to all proxied players So I can connect from "lobby" ->...
  4. lotzy

    Addon Skcrew 1.6

    Source code: Supported Skript versions: 2.6.1+ Addon includes: part of skript-db fork by Govindas: added sync effect and removed pre-parse statement part of skent code some modificated skript-gui (First of all, I developed this for personal use, but maybe...
  5. DJ411

    Broken Blocks no Velocity + stacking

    I've been trying to work on a small task skript where when i mine a block instead of bouncing all over the place it would go to the player. Almost teleport to the player. Also with stacking. Like if there is already 1 block it would just be 2 almost like those mob stacking plugins but for an...