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Skript Tools SublimeJS++ / A Skript Notepad++ UDL 3.0

A Notepad++ UDL inspired in Sublime Text's JS highlighting.

  1. SublimeJS++ Update - 3.0


    - Added a few missing types;

    - Added the teleport event and the offhand switch event (Skellett);

    - Added the hotbar and "element out of" expressions;

    - Added direction and chunk types;

    - Fixed minor bugs.
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  2. SublimeJS++ Update - 2.0


    - Added a few more vanilla expressions and effects, such as "join", "split", "shoot", "offlineplayer", "now", "effects", "difference", "click type", "mouse button" "x, y and z-coordinate", "skull", "size" and «'s», for those who prefer using it instead of "of <object>" (e.g. "player's tool" and "tool of player");

    - Added lambda support (SkQuery): the "do's" and the "check's" are now highlighted as well as their following brackets;

    Added the "hide/reveal"...