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  1. S

    Just a question

    Some years ago I used skript in 1.10.2, but now I'm really confused because the syntax seems more static. It really happened compared to latest release? I can't script easy anymore, there's some addon or something to make expressions more flexible?
  2. C

    Solved Skript Addon works only with /reload

    Hello, I've made an Addon for Skript but I have a little issue with it... When I start my local server, the skript doesn't load the syntax ("Can't understand this condition/effect...") But, if I do a /reload, the Addon loads well ?! Please explain me why I tried : - Reinstall Server - Changing...
  3. D

    Formatting Inventory Slots

    Hey guys. I'm new to skunity, and skript in general. im using SkQuery v4.1.4 and Skript 2.5, and was wondering how to detect an item in the inventory, like for example format slot 12 of player with slot 56 of player, or something like that. I'm making it so that a gui will copy the...
  4. WheezyGold7931

    Addon skript-hack 0.1

    skript-hack Provides syntax registering post-skript loading. Documentation and Source Github Releases Submit an Issue
  5. Ayham Alali

    Skript Tools Sublime text 3 - Skript Syntax Highlighting 1.1

    CHECK THE NEW COLORFUL SYNTAX HERE To make it more amazing use material them :emoji_slight_smile: Screenshot: To get this syntax highlighting you gonna need to do the following: 1- open sublime text 3 2- open package control (which can be downloaded by searching in command pallete) 3- Search...