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Fixed list of uuid for bungee players
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Fixed command /greload and added new tutorial video
Updated network variables to support all types of objects
Fixed pinging servers after BungeeCord reload (/greload)
Fixed server address attribution
Added port display in list of servers
Fixed linux startup and added port configuration
You don't need eula.txt and server.properties anymore, the port is now automatically generated too
Fixed startall and stopall start server if already started or stop server if already stopped
Spigot jar is now executed from each template directory
Added server-lobby in config to set the server name where the player will be redirected if a server is down (lobby by default)
You can also acces the API, here is an example:
ServersManager.getInstance().createServer(TemplatesManager.TemplateInfo templateInfo, String string)
String server = "test_server";
String template = "lobby";
            TemplateInfo tp = TemplatesManager.getInstance().getTemplate(template);
            ServersManager.getInstance().createServer(tp, server);
Fixed error spam in console
Updated version check system and fixed class cast for objects, please use the same version as SkWaze if you are using it !
Example code:
command /test: 
        set network variable {mdr} to 5
        set network variable {player} to player's name
        set {add} to network variable {mdr}
        set network variable {servers::*} to bungee server list
        send "Avant: %network variable {mdr}%" to player
        set {player} to network variable {player}
        send "Apres: %{add} + 1%" to {player} parsed as player
        send "%network variable {servers::*}% <- servers" to player
        set {servers::*} to "%network variable {servers::*}%,yo"
        send "%{servers::*}% <- new servers" to player
        send "%online player on bungee%" to player
        reset network variable {servers::*}
        send "reset: %network variable {servers::*}%" to players
on player join:
    send network message "Salut %event-player% bienvenue sur le serveur Waze" to proxy players
    send network title "Salut %event-player%" with subtitle "Bienvenue sur le serveur Waze" to proxy players for 1 second
    send network actionbar "Salut %event-player%" to proxy players
    run proxy command "alert Hello %event-player%"
on horse jump:
    broadcast "Mdr %event-entity% a sauté"
on swim:
    broadcast "Mdr %event-entity% nage"
command /addserver <text> <text>:
        add new server named arg-1 from template arg-2
        start server named arg-1 from template arg-2
command /uuid:
        set global variable {player.%player's uuid%} to 1
        send "Value: %global variable {player.%player's uuid%}%" to player