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  1. Ali Tuna BAYLAN

    Voting Skript

    Usage: /votestart [option1] [option2] [time] command /votestart <text> <text> <number = 20>: permission: op trigger: set {vote1} to arg-1 set {vote2} to arg-2 set {opt1} to 0 set {opt2} to 0 open chest with 1 rows named "&bVote" to all players...
  2. Builder4Life

    bosssystem | no errors but boss is not spawning

    #This skript is made by MightyTiger options: #names prefix: &9&lAppolloboxx shark: &9&lShark &bBoss devil: &4&lDevil &cBoss darkknight: &5&lDarkKnight &dboss sandstormer: &6SandStormer &eBoss #item drops sharkdrop: prismarine crystals named "&b&lShark Fragment" sharkdropname...
  3. S

    Ticket skript

    Hey i've been trying to skript a report issue system different from others like /report [<text>] without adding a [<player>] so when people report not only players but also for server issues and when they subbmit the report it sends it directly to a staff member tell them that %player% Has...
  4. P

    Solved set score with SkRayfall (under players name) (German; English)

    Auf Deutsch: Hallo, ich versuche seit ein paar Stunden eine Variable und zwei Wörter (auf Deutsch) anzeigen zu lassen. Leider ist behind loop-player kein text '"&eIn Firma: " behind loop-Player' is not a text (, line 4: set score "&eIn Firma: " behind loop-Player to...
  5. Weefle

    Addon SkWrapper [50% OFF] 4.0.4

    Demonstration: Presentation: SkWrapper is a simple premium wrapper for your BungeeCord system, it will help you to manage server's creation and deletion the way you want it. (It's a BungeeCord plugin) This is an independent plugin that can be used as addon for Skript with the free SkWaze...
  6. Pingusate

    Script Realcore | ABANDONED PROJECT. 2022-12-28

    I RECOMMEND READING EVERYTHING TO UNDERSTAND! - MENTION SYSTEM | When someone mentions other player's name in the chat, It will play a sound and send a message to the other player (Who got mentioned - BROADCAST SYSTEM | Autobroadcasts a specific message of your choice, That can be set...