Addon skript-yaml v1.3.2

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Added a couple more things to make the addon more feature complete

  • Added effect delete [y[a]ml] %string% (deletes the file and removes it from memory)
  • Added condition [skript-]y[a]ml %string% is[(n't| not)] empty (only checks if there are any nodes)
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Workaround for Async issue
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  • Fixed a bug with 'skriptclass' values from root nodes not returning properly
  • Fixed a bug with getting names of nodes
Thanks @Simuciokas for spotting those!
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Root directories
  • Added root directory support
  • Updated Load yaml syntax to [re]load [non[(-| )]relative] [y[a]ml] %string% [as %-string%]
#If the server is on drive D:\(on windows) for example then that would be the root path
   load non-relative yaml "RootFolder/MyAwesomePlugin/config.yml"
#Otherwise you can specify a drive
   load non-relative yaml "C:/RootFolder/MyAwesomePlugin/config.yml"
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Fixed lots of bugs in this version!
(Added Skripts serializer)
  • Existing files didn't weren't being loaded(oops) and other various things related to this.
  • Headers require # for the first character if you don't use one then ## will be used by default
  • All nodes expression now only returns nodes that contain values
  • Classes such as Location, Vector or any Skript class weren't being saved properly
  • yaml node keys weren't working properly
  • added null checks to get methods
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  • Removed Yaml exists condition(it was useless) in favor of Skripts built in condition(still need to test it :3)
  • Added Node has value condition
  • Added comments and header expression
  • Switched to the same YAML processor that world edit uses since it has comment and header support already

(check github for docs)
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