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  1. T


    Hello, so the last month or so I've been remaking my skripts using skript-yaml because I find out that it's a very good way to store player data without having any serious lag issues with many variables. However I've been dealing with a very weird issue, the yaml files of each player just...
  2. L

    skutil yaml - read added variables from a file

    the title itself doesn't explain much, so i'll explain it here. I want to create custom items with custom lores and rarities. This is done pretty easy in skript with the "set {@name} to item", but as I will create a lot of items, I needed to save them as yml's to be more space efficient. I...
  3. dmc

    Solved logs of chat saving to yaml file

    Hello, I need to write messages with sender to yaml file. That's what I have right now: on chat: load yaml "plugins\.logs\chat.yml" as "plugins\.logs\chat.yml" wf "%now% < %player% > %message%" to "plugins\.logs\chat.yml" save yaml "plugins\.logs\chat.yml" (but it isnt working) bump...
  4. G

    skutilities not working

    Hi, I'm trying to create a command that can save and read informations on a yaml file (.yml). So, I've coded this, but it's not working: command /try: trigger: send skutilities yaml value "try" of file "file.yml" I receive this error while trying to load the .sk file...
  5. E

    Yaml configuration.

    Hello! I'm beginner in Skript's yaml and have a one question. This is Java configuration of player's breaked blocks. (https://prnt.sc/wzvcm6) How to create this in Skript system configuration and get same values from this? sorry for bad English c:
  6. DarkKingMW

    Economy System (UUID's + yaml + Vault hook)

    Hello I'm looking for a money skript that works with .yaml files and is best linked to vault and it should be with uuid's thanks in advance
  7. W

    Solved Saving to yaml file

    Hey everyone, just wondering the best, up to date, way of saving data/variables to a yaml file. I know you can do it using skUtilities however that addon seems to be abandoned. Any help is much appreciated!
  8. kamilleon

    Skript YML

    I'm pretty new to yaml, and I'd like to turn this list (there's more) into a skript variable like {bcmoney::first part of yml value, aka name here} and the value as an integer: Unify: 246 Amerika: 34 ryptYppYlee: 21 Johny_: 25 Ares: 85 KamillPlayZ: 68 jutefon: 13 simsala26: 55 Cles: 19...
  9. Efnilite

    wait yaml value

    Hey there So I want to do something like this set {_time} to yaml value "stats.1.rate" from "t-archer" wait "%{_time}%" parsed as timespan, but when I do that, the while loop it's in, stops. It just stops. Also tried broadcasting the var parsed as timespan, it was just 2 seconds Any other way...
  10. SamDFL

    Solved How to teleport to a location defined in a yaml file?

    Skript Version: Skript (Latest Version) Skript Author: SamDFL Minecraft Version: 1.8.9 I've been trying to find a fix for this for ages, but I can't find it. Basically, I'm trying to teleport a player to a random location when they type /sw-join <arena>, which has been defined in a yaml file...
  11. Sashie

    Addon skript-yaml v1.3.2

    skript-yaml The proper way to do yaml in skript Rather then checking the file each time this addon caches the yaml file to memory It also includes comment/header support which is not found in the other yaml addons Source code available at github Skripts ez-yaml.sk - Updated version...
  12. Orendigo

    Other Use YAML (Responsibly)

    So I posted this in a thread a while ago, and I felt it needs a bigger audience, so I'll post it here. So, I was curious about the subject, so I ran a few test to gather data. My findings were pretty much what I expected after reading Rezz's Don't Use Yaml post. Using the script provided in...
  13. Spartan9802

    Set yaml remove all comments

    Hello, I have the little problem :/ When i useSet yaml value "" from file "" to "" My all comments is remove in the config file
  14. Rezz

    Other [OUTDATED] Don't use YAML.

    WARNING see https://forums.skunity.com/threads/outdated-dont-use-yaml.3850/page-2#post-57240 Unfortunately, YAML is one of the most inefficient things you can do in Skript. It may seem like a convenience -- or even a necessary enhancement -- at first glance, but the harsh reality is: no...
  15. Farid

    Sorting the wrong way.

    My code> My results > BUMP, Basically I'm trying to make a top kills from yml files, not saved variables. but the sorting is wrong. If anyone could help that would be great! Thanks,
  16. M

    Help about YAML remove

    Hi! I have tried for a long time now to fix this, or figure out how to do this instead. I'm trying to do this: "remove "%{_bande}%" from skutil yml list "Bande.Medlem.%loop-value%" of file "plugins/Bande/bander.yml", but it's giving an internal error. (https://hastebin.com/awarihomud.vbs)
  17. tim740

    Addon skUtilities 0.9.2

    If you have any suggestions for this addon or need support you can contact me on Skript Chat Discord: https://discord.gg/V4qFVnh (Different from skUnity's Discord) Disclaimer: This addon can damage your server if used wrong or used in malicious manner, Double checking code is Advised, I take no...